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The Best Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Lover Wife(Keep Watching)


Every year of marriage has a symbol or material associated with it, this article will bring you ideas for anniversary gifts that will keep with the tradition for some of the milestone anniversaries.


Let's break down now

1st to 50th-anniversary gift Ideas

Plan Ahead

Choose Function and Symbolism


1st-anniversary gift ideas - the traditional 1st year anniversary gifts are made from paper. This could include gifts such as engagement ring, gift vouchers, a newspaper from the day the wedding took place, share certificates, tickets to an event or a holiday, a scrapbook with photos from the first year spent together.


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Always remember when it comes to engagement ring then you have a host of choices but antique style diamond engagement rings are very popular. It is one of the most genuine, beautiful, simple and perfect for all the occasions whether it is your engagement, wedding or anniversary. But before buying your ring you must have the knowledge of 4C'S of the diamond as your gift is priceless.


2nd-anniversary gift ideas - A selection of handbags, clutch purses, and other bags can be customized or personalized with your pictures. Custom handbags and designer handbags include your photograph or another image, and different pictures can be printed on either side of the bag. Other bags include shopping bags, laptop bags, wash bags, and carryalls. High-quality bags personalized to your own design needs make these great gifts and superb items to keep for yourself.


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3rd-anniversary gift ideas - If you know a couple who are celebrating their 3rd anniversary soon and you have absolutely no idea what to buy for them there are some great options of leather bags that suit the leather gift theme perfect.


The best thing about the most range of leather bags is that they are unisex so you could buy the same gift but with different designs for the married couple,


for example, the holdall bag. Or you could pick typical male and female bags such as a pink vinyl make-up bag for her and a black leather wash bag for him.


Put a photo of her from the wedding day on the make-up bag and a photo of him on the wash bag so that when they travel or hit the gym together they have the most loved up bags ever. People will envy their marriage and fabulous bags!



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4th-anniversary gift ideas -

The pendant on this sterling silver necklace is circular to symbolize the never-ending circle of love and friendship that is around us. The pendant is about a half an inch in diameter and comes on a 16 to the 18-inch chain.  


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If necklaces aren't your thing, you might want to get your spouse some opal drop earrings. You can get a handcrafted pair of these from the island of Bali for about $43. They'll even throw in a Native Leaf Jewelry Bag at no extra charge. They do have other opal earrings from the same island that range in price from 30 or so,if the drop earrings are a little too inexpensive for your taste.


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5th-anniversary gift ideas - you definitely want to put some thought into the charms you put on the sterling silver bracelet. You might get charms that remind you of where you met the person you're gifting.


You can also sum up a person's basic characteristics or preferences in a bracelet, and you can also get charms that suit particular events in that person's life or your relationship. Putting thought into the charms you buy is the first step to really crafting a beautiful bracelet that will be treasured for life.


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10th-anniversary gift ideas -Jeweled Hair Combs 

Much like clips, pins, and barrettes, jeweled wedding hair combs and headbands also serve the purpose of keeping the hair neatly in place but also add a bit of interest and pizazz to the bride's hairstyle.


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Combs can be made of genuine or faux gemstones and worn on one or both sides of the head. which is great wedding anniversary gift for wife.

15th-anniversary gift ideas -Wedding headbands for wife may be thin, delicate and barely noticeable or they may be much wider, made of several rows, and used to draw attention to the hairstyle.This is also good idea for wedding anniversary.


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20th-anniversary gift ideas - Wedding tiaras, headpieces once strictly reserved for royalty, are and always will be a classic wedding hair accessories that has withstood the test of time for centuries.


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There are tiaras suitable for every bride's tastes ranging from the traditional to the modern to the contemporary and available in all shapes, styles, and sizes.


25th-anniversary gift ideas - Silver is the theme for this year making jewelry the most popular choice however you could also look for silver photo frames or silver cutlery.

30th-anniversary gift ideas - the thirtieth anniversary is quite an achievement and has the theme of pearls, a pearl necklace or pearl cuff links are a lovely gift to give or receive.

50th-anniversary gift ideas - reaching this year of marriage is a huge milestone that has been given the name 'the golden years' and is commemorated with gifts made from gold.


Gift ideas include poetry, jewelry, photo frames, gold roses, candlesticks or any gift wrapped in gold paper.

Looking for anniversary gifts it is wise to set yourself a budget so that you do not spend more than you had set out to.


Plan Ahead
A great wedding anniversary gift idea that can stay close to the heart is one that takes some thought and planning before getting the final product.


This requires a lot of thought on symbols, colors, and images that will have a special meaning to the couple celebrating the love and endurance of their marriage, regardless of how many years they have been together.


Nothing brings two people closer than a gift that has a close tie to both parties.


Choose Function and Symbolism
Having a lovely decorative piece as a wedding anniversary gift idea is a nice thought but something with the function that a woman can also show off or keep close by is something truly special.


Pendants, watches, bracelets, and rings are always great choices since they are functional pieces that can also be customized to suit every body's shape and style.


There is also an array of symbols that can be incorporated into jewelry pieces that can be used in everyday situations or saved for special moments.


Find a Reputable Jeweller
In order to get the best job done for your wedding anniversary gift idea as well as your investment, it's very important to get a sound professional who understands the intricacies of custom work and can help offer professional advice for the best materials and designs that should be used for the best results. On the you will find many inexpensive jewelry online


Professionals know the ins and outs of jewelry and they also know how to perfectly custom design pieces for the best look from every angle.


They will not only deliver quality work that you can be proud of but they will also be the best investment for creating a piece that will last through the ages.

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