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Ultimate Guide What Meaningful of Ring Finger Your Wear


You wear a ring on a specific finger depending on the kind of ring and the country or culture in which you live. In most countries in the West, it is normal to wear a wedding or engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand.


This tradition arose because legend had it that this finger contained a vein - the vena amoris - that led directly to the heart. No such vein of course exists, except perhaps metaphorically.


There is also a medieval tradition that each finger represents a different relationship; the thumbs your parents, the index finger your siblings, the middle finger yourself, the fourth finger your spouse, and your little finger your children.


One ageless story for why you wear your wedding ring describes as follows:


Ring traditions elsewhere in the world – and in different religions

The tradition of the wedding ring goes back to Neanderthal times, when twits, grass, and rushes were tied around the wrists or ankles of the bride and were taken as a sign of friendship and loyalty.


The Egyptians
The birthplace of the modern wedding ring is regarded as Egypt. The Egyptians made use of leather, bone, ivory, and hemp to make rings. Later on, they started using metal to make rings and the woman with the ring had the claim of the possessions of her husband.


Asian countries
Countries in Asia and the Far East are used to buying pure yellow gold and hence 18K and 22K gold are the norm. Part of this inclination is found in religion, whereas in India, the owning of gold is considered a mark of superiority and beauty. Traditionally, the more gold the bride owns, the happier she is considered will be.


Western countries
Most western countries consider 14K gold as the standard for wedding rings. In the USA, we find 10K gold being sold, whereas in Germany one could even find 9K gold.


In the Netherland, anything less than 14K gold is not considered as gold, though 9K gold is gaining in popularity. In countries where pure gold is the norm, people regard 14K or 9K gold as low budget.


On the contrary, 22K gold is taken as too showy and fake by people who regularly use lighter gold.

A wide range of ring designs exists that define the countries and cultures of their origins.


For example, French and Russian wedding rings are often made with three multi-colored interwoven bands.


In Celtic countries, the rings are often found with engravings of Claddagh design symbolizing marital fidelity.


In England and America, first, it is an engagement ring, then comes the smooth wedding ring, and lastly, it is the 'eternity ring' and is given on the first wedding anniversary or at the time of the birth of the first child.


The wedding rings worn by the many existing Native American tribes are quite different from Western designs.


The materials and symbols have traditional links to their own cultures as most rings are made up of silver with the decoration of semi-precious stones or else such natural materials like red coral, turquoise, and shells.

Chinese people tend not to wear wedding rings though when they do it is on their middle fingers. The reason is that according to the principles of yin-yang the middle finger represents the heart.



What is the Meaning of Each Finger For Rings?
The Thumb - The Meaning of the Thumb for Rings: Will Power - The thumb represents the logic and willpower thinking of our being which controls our actions.



The thumb is independent of the other fingers and is perhaps the single most important finger while working together as a team with the rest of the hand.


It is figurative of strength and symbolizes independent thought and freedom.


The Index Finger - The Meaning of the Index Finger for Rings: Authority & Ambition - This finger represents our need to increase our ego and establish authority and power.



It is also associated with leadership and ambition. Kings, priests, and healers wore rings on the index finger because that finger was thought to be especially powerful.


People often wear a ring on their index fingers to demonstrate assertiveness or power.


The Middle Finger - The Meaning of the Middle Finger for Rings: Identity & Materialism - Being the tallest finger, the middle finger is associated with our purpose in life.



Also, the center of the hand represents the personal identity and those things that are most important to us.


People who wear a ring on their middle finger often desire to be the center of attention.


The Ring Finger - The Meaning of the Ring Finger for Rings: Emotion, Creativity & Heart: Wearing a ring on the "ring" finger represents a connection to the heart, as it is thought to be closely related to the artery that goes to the heart.



It is associated with our feelings of affection and love. It is also representative of our creativity and artistic self. Wearing a ring on this finger on the left hand represents to others a betrothal to the giver of the ring and a commitment of faithfulness.


If the ring was purchased by the wearer, it represents self-love and self-worth, and belief in talent.


Little Finger - The Meaning of the Little Finger for Rings: Relationships: Rings on the little or pinky finger represent confidence in business and personal relationships. It is a symbol of strength and bonding towards others.



Being opposite to the finger of independence, it is related to our attitudes towards other people, intimacy,and the material world, since it faces the world, and watches our back, as our friends do.


It also expresses a person's attitude towards themselves and their own attractiveness.


Wearing a ring is a distinction of honor, but wearing many rings is usually a sign of someone who wants to attract attention to themselves, however many rings are a detraction from the personality, and perhaps a sign of low-self confidence.


Hopefully, we have helped you to understand what is the meaning of each finger for rings.


Right-Hand Rings Symbolize Your True Identity

Right-hand rings are also very popular among men; it's a great sign of success and achievement.


A right-hand diamond ring is like icing on the cake, nothing can be compared to it in comparison to the style and elegance it brings to a person's personality.


The best thing about this ring is that it could be worn on a semi-regular basis and goes well with both formal and informal attires.


The Perfect Wedding Ring For Your Beloved

Following are certain tips to be considered while selecting the perfect wedding ring for the most special person in your life-your better half:

o Wedding rings are available in yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. These three types vary in their prices. So, first decide the type of metal you want according to your budget and of course, as per your lady's choice.

o Once the metal is selected, you need to select the stone to be embedded in the metal. Find out the shape, size, type, and color of the stone that suits your budget.

o Diamonds, no doubt, are the most popular choice but, when it comes to stones for wedding rings, you can also opt for colored stones such as emeralds, rubies, and sapphires which have astrological importance as well.

o Finally, make sure that the jeweler from whom you are purchasing the ring is reliable and reputable. As you are going to make a big investment, it is advisable to use a jeweler who your friends or family members have already used before and would recommend for you.

o In order to get great results, it is better to a market survey before deciding anything. Do not choose the wrong thing in the excitement of marriage!


Find Out Your Ring Size Easily and Accurately

The most accurate ring sizer to get are the ones that look like a flat sheet of plastic, usually blue colored, and have a bunch of rings you can just pop off and try on from jewelry stores near me.


These are accurate because they are actual rings of plastic molded to the exact circumference of standard US ring sizes. Unlike the belt-like sizer, you can't make them tighter or looser on your finger.


They either fit well or they don't. Once you follow the instructions and size yourself, you can be assured that is your actual finger size and you can then use it to order your ring.


This type of ring sizer is so accurate it can be used to measure standard fit rings, which are usually made of platinum, palladium, or gold. They can also be used to measure your finger size for "comfort fit" rings, which are rings that are rounded on the inside.


Tungsten wedding bands are usually made in comfortable fit sizes.


If you got your finger size using the plastic ring-type sizer, you do not have to go down half a size when ordering your comfort fit ring. Simply order the size you were measured.

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