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Marriage Proposal Ideas That Work For Everyone In 2020


Wracking your brains for the best marriage proposal ideas?


A marriage proposal is an event of a lifetime (assuming you don't go around throwing them at all and sundry!). Do it right, and your loved one will look upon the moment with a sigh of pleasure forever.


Get it wrong- and the best you'll get away with is a lifetime of cruel jokes and guffaws at family dinners!


Here are some of the best ideas that work for ALL couples....


1).Marriage Proposal Ideas to Make Her Say Yes


2).Thinking About the Best Marriage Proposal Ideas? Avoid These Mistakes


3).3 Free Marriage Proposal Ideas


4).Five Ways to Make Your Marriage Proposal Stand Out


5).Wedding Gift Proposal Ideas


Let's break down;


1).Marriage Proposal Ideas to Make Her Say Yes


• Organize a treasure hunt-she'll love it. Start at her house and visit her favorite places. It may be the first place you went to for a date, her Favorite Park, restaurant etc. When she reaches the last obstacle- get down on your knees and propose!


• Does your beau spend a lot of time at the computer? Here's an idea- video your proposal and upload it on YouTube. The next time you're together, ask her to watch it with you- just don't tell her what it is about. Once it starts playing, get down on your knees and propose!


• Very few women can resist a furry friend! The next time you're thinking about a gift for her- get her a puppy or a kitten and tie the engagement ring to its collar! As soon as she sets eyes on the ring- pop the question!


• If you are both into dramatics- the sky's your limit so far as marriage proposal ideas are concerned! Take her out for an evening of fun and dancing and then request the DJ to let you sing her your favorite song. Afraid of scaring the guests away? Let the DJ sing your song instead. Once the song is over- give her a very public, emotional and sincere proposal! She'll be floored for good!


• You may even feature your proposal at your favorite theatre! Just make sure you are in time for the previews!


• Not the 'shout from the roof' kind of a person? Some of the best marriage proposal ideas can be organized at home! Run a romantic bath- and create a path to it with fragrant rose petals (just make sure the drains are clean-you don't want her cleaning up the mess afterward). Place the ring on a floating candle! The moment her eyes land on the candle (or the rubber duck), that's your cue! Get down on those knees and proceed with the proposal.


There's a reason why we end every idea with the 'getting down on your knees' bit! No woman can resist this old fashioned but strangely chivalrous act. There's something very powerful about a man getting down on his knees to ask for the hand of the woman he loves! It makes her feel feminine and desirable- and every woman deserves to feel that when she's being proposed to. So get down on those creaky knees, even if you have to practice a bit for it. Trust us- you won't regret it! Try these marriage proposal ideas- and see her eyes light up with love!

Thinking About the Best Marriage Proposal Ideas? Avoid These Mistakes


Your marriage proposal ideas may be innovative and thoughtful- but even a few simple mistakes can spoil the experience forever! Go through the tips below- and make sure your perfect idea is not doomed for failure!


The danger in ideas that have been done to death- Did you hear about the one where the guy popped the ring into a glass of wine in order to surprise his girlfriend? She had to land up in the ER- after inadvertently swallowing the stupid thing! Want to avoid such catastrophes? Think simple, but original! It's not as difficult as it sounds. It doesn't HAVE to be over the top. Sometimes the best ideas are the ones that are simple! Think about her likes and dislikes- her hobbies, favorite music and interests. You'll have your best clue there!


Marriage proposal ideas that are extravagant- how much is 'too much', you wonder? After all, what's a bit of money if it can give you a memorable proposal? Trouble is- most of the times the extravagance tends to shadow the proposal itself! You can't replace creativity with money! The focus needs to be on the emotions and feelings involved - not on something expensive you've arranged!


Ditto for too elaborate affairs- Some guys just don't know where to stop. If they like more than one marriage proposal idea- they'll combine everything into one! So you could land up with an elaborate dinner, receive a teddy with a ring on its collar- and then go treasure hunting before he proposes! Think she'll be impressed? Not so much! She'll probably be too tired to concentrate on you!


The sensible thing to do is to go for something that is special for both of you. It doesn't have to be something your favorite Hollywood star did for his fiancé! Make it a simple affair- the occasion itself will make it memorable!


Most ladies don't like making a spectacle of themselves- or their private emotions! If you absolutely must propose to her in front of friends and family (not the best of ideas for most couples), make sure she'll appreciate it. Of course- be prepared for a lack of privacy once the proposal is over! There won't be a lot of staring into to each other's eyes if your mother in law's got a hawk eye over you!


Being taken by surprise- no matter how extensively you plan out your proposal, even the best marriage proposal ideas could go horribly wrong! Always have a backup plan ready in case something doesn't quite go the way you planned it. Rehearse all ideas well- especially ones that seem a bit elaborate. Think about any possible way things could go wrong- and prepare for it! It's the least you could do!

3 Free Marriage Proposal Ideas

Today I'm going to put you in on the secret and share with you the ULTIMATE way to get the girl you love with these 3 free marriage proposal ideas. I guarantee you'll be kicking yourself thinking why oh why didn't I know this before.


Free Marriage Proposal idea #1
Write a story book. In the book start off with two children and walk each other through life. Eventually, lead up to the point where he (you) propose marriage. Make a little pocket on the second to last page and put the ring in the middle where their hands meet. Show the girl already wearing the ring... Make sure you read it and when you get to the page that says "will you marry me" make sure you say those words with so much passion that she simply can't refuse. Make sure you turn to the last page of the story after all the excitement and have it say something along the lines of "happily ever after". Also make sure you make the book yourself and little pop ups would be good also. Even if you're not the most creative just do your best. This is going to be the one "kids book" that you'll be holding onto for the rest of your life.


Free Marriage Proposal idea #2
A walk to remember. For this marriage proposal idea it's going to take some rattling of your brain. You're going to need to recall all of the important places. Your first date, your first kiss, that park you guys used to go for walks in, that first movie you saw together, etc. Have her go on "quest" to find these items or go to these places, on the last one lead her back to you perhaps at your home or apartment when she walks through the door be waiting for her with the ring and your hand, down on one knee, and pop that magic question "will you marry me" with a walk through your relationship like this she's sure to say yes.


Free Marriage Proposal idea #3
The "message in a bottle" marriage proposal. Here's how it works... write a compelling poem, song, or special proposal message. You can do this a bunch of different ways but one good way to make sure that this is a successful marriage proposal is by having an intimate dinner at your home... have the note tied to a string with it connected to the cork. Pickup a bag of ice at the convenience store and find a nice thing to put the bottle in on the table now put the ice over the bottle with just the neck poking out. Have two glasses of wine on the table and ask her to poor the wine while you use the bathroom, or finish up dinner, just don't go far away. As she opens it she'll notice something strange there's a note in the bottle (be sure to have an extra bodily tucked away for the actual dinner). When she's done reading the note, take the engagement ring out of your pocket, and say those magic marriage proposal words!

Five Ways to Make Your Marriage Proposal Stand Out

Before you start looking at diamond rings you need to ask your loved one to marry you. You want your partner to remember this day forever, the moment that you finally propose, so you need to think about how your proposal will really stand out. Whether you choose to be romantic, make it an extreme experience or go for something more traditional, there really are no limitations, you just need to be creative.


All women like to be romanced and nothing is more romantic than a marriage proposal. The trick is to make yours stand out so she will remember it forever. Romance is often associated with old fashioned ideals, so getting down on one knee to propose and having a well rehearsed speech will certainly impress her. The traditional approach of asking her father's permission is a lovely touch too.


If you are the adventurous type then planning a proposal that involves an extreme element will certainly stand out. If she's game take her for a sky dive, and when she reaches the ground you can present her with the ring. Take her scuba diving and have a written note, which you have waterproofed beforehand, and hold the sign up to her while you are underwater. Perhaps you could try something new, like rock climbing, and when she reaches the top you can be there waiting on bended knee.


If money is no object then you might want to really spoil her. Take her away for a surprise weekend away to somewhere like the Barossa Valley or Margaret River and stay in a cosy bed and breakfast. Propose one evening while you are out to dinner, or go for a walk somewhere with beautiful scenery. You may even want to go away for a week and take her to a luxury resort where she can relax and be pampered. Not only won't she forget your proposal she won't forget the whole week. For something a bit closer to home take her to the most expensive restaurant in town, just make sure you book well ahead.


If she's not the kind to get embarrassed by public displays of affection then why not go public with your proposal. Take out an ad in the local newspaper asking her to marry you, then casually leave it lying around where she will find it. Take her to see a movie and when the ads play at the start have one from you, whether it be a still ad or a short video clip of you proposing. Engagement ring a local radio station that you know she listens to and ask her via the airwaves.


Think outside the square and go for something a little more unusual. If she works in an office building have the window cleaner stop outside her window with a sign asking her to marry you. You could buy yourself a parrot, teach it to say "will you marry me", then finally show her your new pet and it's clever repertoire.


Wedding Gift Proposal Ideas
Choosing the right wedding gift for that special couple depends a lot on what they need. Of course you also need to consider just how much you can actually afford to pay. So lets explore some options that you can use to find the right gift.


The first thing you might want to try is to simply ask them what they need. When people first get married they often will have a list of things that they could use. If you do not want to directly ask them what they need you could simply ask someone who knows them well.


List of wedding gift ideas

Wedding hair combs
Sterling silver jewelry
Designer handbags/clutch purse
Chairs or furniture


Those are just a list of some of the more common wedding ideas that you could use. If your looking for something more unique there are many specialty places online where you can buy unusual gifts. You could also consider getting different gifts for the groom and bride. This will allow you to find something that is suitable for each one. Lingerie, for example can make an excellent gift for the bride.


Coming up with a good wedding gift idea is not really all that hard. You simply need to help fill a particular need that the couple has. Of course you also need to do it at a price that you can afford. If your really stuck and do not know what to get someone you could always just give them money. Money is always a great wedding gift idea.


Conclusion;No matter which marriage proposal ideas you are thinking of, try to avoid these gaffes! After all, you don't want your girlfriend to remember this proposal for the wrong reasons for the rest of your lives!

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