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10 Unique Ideas for 10 Year Anniversary Gift for Her and Him

by Administrator

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The first 10 anniversary is celebrated with a paper gift. But, you can give your spouse just about anything that will make her happy.


It is the thought behind your gift that adds most values to it. Even a cheap present will make your wife happy as long as you are sincere and give it out of love from your heart.





The following is the best 10-year anniversary gifts for her and him.


10. Leather Handbags

Why choose handbags as anniversary gift?The first reason leather bags are considered the elite of leather handbags is because they are more durable. They are very sturdy and are made to last for many years.



Fashion Lady Clutch Bag


Another reason they are preferable is because of how many different styles there are to choose from.



Big PU Clutch Purse


For those who enjoy the more traditional look there are designer handbags made out of plain brown, black or white leather that look nice with casual outfits or even days where one is going to a more formal event.


For those who want more color in their handbag there are leather handbags in bright colors such as yellow, orange, red, blue or even purple.


Big Clutch Bags For Women Handbag


In addition to all the different colors shoppers can choose from there are also handbags with special detailing such as beading or fringe.


With so many different options for shoppers to choose from when picking out a leather handbag it is easy to see why so these leather handbags can make the perfect gift for any woman on your list.



9.Fashion trend clutch purse
Woman love clutch purses that set their accessories apart from the others out there, especially when they are designed to be practical and useful every day. Even after the baby is too old to require an evening bag, which can become a purse for mom that preserves special memories for her as well.


Pearl Clutches For Women Evening Bag


8.Sterling silver bracelet

There are lots of stores that sell sterling silver bracelets, going to one local store to another can be time consuming and tiring on your part especially if you have a busy schedule, this can't work for you.



Fashion Flower Design 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet


Luckily, you can now find lots of stores that sell this kind of bracelets, so you can comfortably find different bracelets that you can buy for your sister.


With the few clicks on your mouse, you will be faced with lots of choices to pick from.


You can surf through your different choices until of course you would find the perfect piece for your sister's birthday. 


7.Hair Accessories

women usually need to tie their hair or braid it on a normal day. Leaving hair open can be harmful for it as well as look clumsy and dishevelled within no time.


Sweet Wedding Hair Comb Clip


This is the reason that women, of all age groups, having long hair use wedding hair combs and pins for a tidy and neater look of their hair.


For all normal hair dos, the clips and pins that are used are not too heavily embellished but rather plain and simple.


Fashion Good Quality Of Bridal Hair Combs


Weddings are, however, different. This is a day when a bride looks at her best when adorned with the best of outfits available.


The wedding dress is usually very gorgeous and heavily embellished.


The finery of the fabric and beauty of its design demands similar attention to the type of accessories that are used with it.

6.Fashion trend jewelry gift for her
In case your mom likes wearing jewelry often, she would surely have many pieces with her and she would definitely be delighted to have a new piece included in her wardrobe.


Sterling Silver Heart Promise Love Jewelry Ring


So you just need to make a choice between a new necklace and an engagement ring. If she isn't used to wearing jewelry all that often, you'll need to carefully think about the kind of jewelry that she can feel comfortable wearing.


You may consider gifting a bracelet or a watch if your mother is quite modest, as she can easily mix either of the two with her normal garments.


Sterling Silver Heart Promise Love Jewelry Ring


Perhaps you are already aware of sterling silver bracelet collection, with a modern imaginative twist on bracelets with traditional charm.


Bracelets that have significant charms linked to all family members, embroidered designs, tennis bracelets and carved silver bands form some of the more popular options that make an exceptional souvenir from the entire family or just from dad.


925 Sterling Silver Purple Bracelet


Necklaces and pendants
You can procure a number of mom theme sterling silver necklaces and pendants. These objects with mom themes could show mothers hugging her kids or an animal mother holding her baby. You can also get them with stamped messages such as "Love You Mom."


Sterling Silver Two Color Design Birthstone Necklaces


Sterling silver earrings
925 sterling silver earrings have ultimate quality because the 925 engraving means a lot of pure silver and only a small percentage of another metal.


Sterling Silver Female Fashion Diamond White Flower Earrings


Untainted silver can work miracles. Apart from looking good looking, it feels good because it sparkles beautifully under the shape of earrings.


5. Give Her a Rare Book on a Genre that She Likes to Read
If there is a book that your spouse loves to read, you can find a rare version of it and give it to her as a gift.


For example, if she loves to cook, you can buy a rare old cook book that is out of print for her. Rare and old books can be found in a book store specialized in selling used books.


It is easiest to find this type of book when you do research online. If possible, you should find a book that is written and feature the signature of their favorite author.


4. Help Her Get Started in Something She Dreamed of Doing
You can buy the equipment and tools to help your spouse get started on a new hobby that she has long dreamed of doing it.


For example, if your spouse would like to become a professional sketching artist, you can buy her a sketching pencil set.


She will be grateful for your gift and become inspired to do what she has long wanted to do. You can find out about her aspiration by asking her straightforwardly.


3. Hollow Book
Hollow book is a great way for you to celebrate the 1st anniversary with your loved one. The hollow book looks like a book on the outside but inside is a spacious area for you to keep any stuff that you like.


Photo from Pinterest


She may think that she is getting a hollow book but she will be surprised when she finds your real gift within the book.


You can fill the book with something special like a flower, jewelry, and candy. She can keep her keepsake and other stuff in the secret compartment of the hollow book.


There are many styles of the hollow book available including novel, map, dictionary and etc.


2. Framed Wedding Vow
Most couples will not take a second look at their wedding vows after they say it at the marriage ceremony.


For this reason, it will be a good idea to get the wedding vow framed or put it on a canvas.


After framing it, you can give it to her as a 10-year anniversary gift.


The framed vow can be placed in a part of the house where you and he will pass through every day.


It will then remind the both of you to stay faithful to each other according to the vow that you both promised on the wedding.



1.Paper Flower Bouquet
Paper flower bouquet looks just as real as the real flower bouquet. It features a combination of different variety of flowers and grasses. There is also a ribbon that wraps around the flower bouquet.


photo from Pinterest

These flowers can be customized with a message of your choice to your loved one. The quality of the paper used in making the flower is thick and won't tear easily.


You can be put the paper flower bouquet in a vase to decorate your dining table or side table.

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