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Ultimate Guide Bridal Shower for Wedding

by Administrator


A bridal shower is often hosted before a wedding, but many hostesses get confused as to the exact process and timing.


The most important step in scheduling a bridal shower is to find out what the bride wants,


Let's start now;




1.The Invited Guests. The number of people invited to the bridal shower will really give a big effect when it comes to the invitations.


This really make sense especially for those who have tight budget and would want to save money on their invitations.


Before you going out to shop for these supplies, it is important to think through your guest list.


It is much easier to decide what kind of invitations and how much you can get without breaking your budget if you will consider the number of your guests.


2.The Theme. When choosing invitations, you will also need to consider the theme of the event.


The theme will basically tell what kind of invitation you should purchase.


For example, if is a beach themed bridal shower, then invitations should reflect that theme as well. 


3.The Style and Design. The design and style of your invitations should be according to your theme as well.


Like if it is a formal affair, then your choice should be formal as well.


Remember, the invitation is the first thing that guest will receive from your affair,s o it should give an impression of what kind of party to expect.


4.The Wording. The words should be carefully chosen and used and it should always reflect the theme of the shower.


The level of formality should be considered as well.


The invitations' wording also requires any information that will tell your guests what they must prepare, such as gifts and outfits.


There are so many bridal shower invitations ideas you can fin online.


You can even find online instructions of how to make your own invitations and other bridal shower accessories.


There is also a wide assortment of pre-made invitations that you can made personalized. 


This is great as it will let you include your own touch. Other accessories you find online are bridal shower favors, games, and gifts.


Above all, planning a bridal shower should start as early as possible so that you will have plenty of time to carefully decide on the things you want to have on your party.



o The colors of Fall are easy to mix and match. You can pick from shades of red, orange, yellow, green, and brown.


In general, if it works together in nature, it will work for your party plans. So, don't be afraid to combine different shades.


o Texture can also play a part. Smooth pumpkins, rough gourds, wrinkled leaves, and different nut shells, can all be used to assemble a festive centerpiece.


o Sit pumpkins at the entrance to your event, or line the walkway. Use them as accent pieces around the room, and on the tables.


o Hang garlands of silk leaves in Fall wedding colors, along mantels, bookcases, and other focal points. You may also drape them along the buffet, cake, and gift tables.


o Fill bowls with an assortment of nuts. This simple idea always looks festive.


o If you are choosing a country or casual theme, your Fall bridal shower decorations can include small or large bales of hay, scarecrows, and cornstalks.


o Twigs and branches are a natural addition to any arrangement. Tie some together for a great stand-alone piece.


Add some glitz with a light spray of gold glitter or paint. You can also do this with pine cones.


o Potpourri is another great suggestion. Fill the room with an apple or cinnamon scent. Make sure it isn't too overpowering.


o Candy and caramel apples are definitely identified with this time of year. Sit them on a tray as part of the decorations, and then give them as favors when guests are leaving.


o Balloons come in a variety of colors and sizes. They are an inexpensive way to add color and impact.


Place them in clusters around the room, use them to accent areas, and add them to other wedding decorations.


Fall bridal shower decorations are easy to combine. Choose elements that you think the guest-of-honor would like. Then relax and enjoy the party! 



1.Pantry shower

If the couple is going to moving out together for the first time, a pantry shower can be an excellent way of helping them to set up their new kitchen.


Gift ideas might include groceries, spices, gift cards or kitchen utensils and appliances.


Bridesmaids might set up a game where they collect samples of different kitchen ingredients in unlabeled glass jars or plastic Ziploc bags, and guests have to identify them.


Another game you can play is 'Apron Memory, ' where a number of kitchen utensils are pinned to the front of an apron.


The bride walks around the room for a minute wearing the apron, and then guests have to try and remember all the items that were pinned to it.


2.Pajama party

Pajama parties are always tons of fun. Get all your guests to come in their favorite pj's and stay up late indulging in pedicures, manicures, facials and massages. Your gift list may include bathroom goods, cosmetics and new pajamas.


3.Makeover shower

This one can be great for helping the bride decide what makeup she would like for her wedding.


Have all your friends bring some makeup, and take turns painting the bride's face - this can have some hilarious results, especially if some of your friends don't usually use makeup.


You might also like to call in an Avon consultant to help decide what looks fabulous.


4.Alphabet shower

If you have around 26 guests, you can do some fun things by assigning each of them a letter of the alphabet.


Ask them to shop around and find a gift that starts with the letter you have given them. At the party, ask all your guests to name an attribute of marriage that starts with that letter.


See what they come up with for letters like Z or Q!


5.Favorite memories

This is a really sweet one. Guests each bring a memento or gift that reminds them of a special memory shared with the bride-to-be.


Another great idea is to ask all your guests ahead of time to make a scrapbook page of treasured memories that can be assembled and presented at the bridal shower.


It is an excellent way to get guests talking.


These types of parties have specifics of their own that the hostess needs to be familiar with. The selection of the most suitable venue is certainly the first organization step. Once this perfect place is discovered, the party planning process can begin.


1.Think about a Theme

Just like any other bridal shower, an outdoor party needs to have a suitable theme that will affect decorations, food selection and other aspects of the planning process.


Certain types of themes are best for an outdoor bridal shower. A beach party that is taken to the seashore will become a very romantic and charming celebration. A tea party or a picnic for ladies can be held in a beautiful, green garden.


Outdoor settings provide you with natural décor that you can utilize when picking a theme and when trying to make it come true. The selection of the theme and the venue that corresponds to it will need to be your primary focus in the very beginning.


2.Choose an Appropriate Outdoor Venue

Look for the perfect venue. Though it sounds like something easy to accomplish, it will take time and research. It needs to be big enough to accommodate all of the guests and small enough to create an intimate atmosphere.


You should also have an idea about the weather forecast in order to plan facilities. If rain is to be expected, you may consider the setting up of a tent that will give guests some shelter from adverse weather conditions.


3.Equipment and Accessories

Once you have found a garden, a park or another outdoor venue of interest, you should start thinking about the equipment that will be needed for the bridal shower.


You will need to get tables and chairs. Such equipment can be hired or purchased. Find something that corresponds to the theme and that looks beautiful. Wood and rattan furniture will be great for an outdoor party.


Think about a large, buffet table that will be used for the food, drinks and cake. A tent may be needed, as well.


Tableware should be considered, also. Plates, forks, knives, napkins and tablecloths are a must for any kind of bridal shower.



Lanterns are a typical type of decoration for garden parties and outdoor bridal showers. Flowers, pebbles, sea shells and other natural items can be used to add to the party theme.



Think of the dishes that correspond to the theme and that are also suitable for consumption in hot weather.


Beach parties go well with cocktails. You can also have several types of exotic dishes but try to have a wide range available - some people will be uncomfortable with very spicy or unusual tastes.


Fruits, vegetable platters, cheeses and many types of salads will be great for an outdoor party.

These gifts work positively for her and she starts thinking everything in positive manner.


Gifts prepare her for a new life; fill her with new hopes and gives confidence to face her new life.


There are many types of bridal shower gifts. Here in this article are mentioned few of them to give you ideas.


Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

- Flower vase is yet another very good gift choice. Everyday she can put new flowers in it for refreshing her room which will impart fragrance in her life also.


- Young women and girls simply love pink color purse. So, it doesn't surprise the fact that pink clutch purse generally liked by all girls as well as young women.



Great Quality Of Flower Clutch Purse


They are so much fun and they add sparkle to every outfit. Fashion trends have changed, yet these purses have remained to be one of the most sought after fashion accessories.


Pink is not just a color among other colors when it comes to fashion and style, but the most prominent and sought after color by designer handbags lover and fashion connoisseurs.

- Jewelry is every girl favorite. So you can gift her pearl jewelries, diamond jewelries, gold jewelries, sterling silver jewelries, costume jewelries etc. depending on your budget.


Bridal Hair Combs Add Beauty To A Woman
Anything that enhances the beauty of a girl always makes news and it gets popular overnight.



The Gold Plated Pearl Wedding Hair Combs


One such thing that was used to decorate a bride's hair was the bridal tiaras or also called a diadem. They were very popular since 1820 and the initial tiaras were made up of simple cloth and flowers.



The Princess Model Of Wedding Hair Crown


They looked very natural and were very important wedding hair accessories.


A bridal tiara now is now mostly used in weddings for brides and flower girls and beauty pageants to crown the winner of the contest.


These modern bridal hair combs are made up of diamonds and pearls and they are very precious.


Each tiara costs millions and Queen Elizabeth II is supposed to possess the most precious and valuable tiara collection in the world.


Wedding tiaras too are quite common and they form an integral part of the wedding hair accessories attire.


Women who cannot afford costly bridal tiaras usually get them done by semi-precious stones.


Emeralds, rubies, sapphires and other colored stones are used in plenty and decorative tiaras are manufactured. They cost much less but add a lot of beauty to the women wearing it.


These head ornaments suit all kinds of head pieces and they can be bought according to the hair style of the woman.


Those who do not want to take pain of searching for gift baskets' are the safest and most appropriate option to opt for.


Gift baskets contain everything ranging from cosmetics to eatables to flowers to mugs to jewelry everything. You do not need to think anything. 


Products, such as body lotions, moisturizers, soaps, body scrubs, aroma candles, shampoo, cream, lipsticks, nail polish, eye liner, eye shadow etc. everything is good for pampering her. She will be much pleased.


These are basic gift ideas which can be presented to any bride. Apart from these you can also gift something else depending on how well you know the bride and what your relationship to her is.


Depending on this you can gift something else also. But whatever you gift will certainly be of great help to her and will make her happy. 



Set your funds aside once your budget has been determined.
Ask for help. Just because you plan the shower, it doesn't mean you have to pay for the whole thing!


According to experts, the biggest variables in the budget are the number of attendees, the type of decorations, what food and drinks you are serving, and what you spend on favors.


Pick the Date.
Your guests should be notified well in advance.
Since everyone is busy as the wedding approaches, you may want to consider having the party about 4-8 weeks prior to the big day.


Make sure the date doesn't conflict with holidays or other events that would prevent your guests from showing up.
Conclusion;The bridal shower should be fun! Weddings are nerve racking for all involved and this is one time when frazzled nerves can be calmed.


Keep conversation and party activities low key. Nervous brides are beginning to get major cold feet at this stage and will probably need major reassurance.

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