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How To Choose Bridesmaid Dress for Wedding Day(Ultimate Guide)

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Choosing the bridesmaid dress can be just as difficult as choosing the bridal gown. It is crucial that both styles of dress complement and flatters each other.


Here are several steps to consider in choosing the dress and accessories for the bridesmaids:


Let’s start now;


Bridesmaid color;
Concerning color, today's trend is to have bridesmaids dressed in different colors. This is a great opportunity for you to get your friends involved in the dress selection as you can ask each to select the color they like the best. It is no longer 'in' to have all bridesmaids looking the same so allow your friends to express themselves a bit. They can each wear whatever wedding jewelry bridal clutch purse and other wedding accessories they wish and can even pick out matching shoes of their choice.


Bridesmaid dress price;
One important consideration you should have is the price of the dress they'll be wearing and who is paying for it. You may find some maids resent paying $200+ for a dress just to be at your wedding. Be sensitive to their feelings and their budget.


Bridesmaid size and shapes;
Another consideration - not all dresses look good on all body sizes and shapes. If you have a variety of sizes and shapes as your bridesmaids either choose a dress that will look good on everyone or consider allowing them to wear different styles but the same color. You do want each of your bridesmaids to feel comfortable and beautiful at your wedding.
Wedding theme;
Be sure that the dresses you choose match the theme of your wedding. For instance, if you are having a beach wedding you will want to choose casual dresses for your bridesmaids to wear rather than frilly gowns. You also want to be sure that the length of the dresses you choose are appropriate for the type of wedding you are having. Long dresses are right for very formal, old-fashioned weddings while shorter dresses should be worn for modern weddings.


Be flexible. 
You may be absolutely in love with that hot pink, sleeveless ballgown you found in the bridal boutique, but what about your friends? It isn't always easy to find a single dress that will please everyone. It is the bride's privilege to choose the color and fabric of the bridesmaid dresses. Everything else can be negotiable. While in some cases, it may be quicker and easier to just pick out the same powder blue A-line dress for everyone, By varying select features such as hue and cut, you can add elements of interest and style to the bridal party.


Be practical. 
Take the setting of the wedding into consideration when choosing bridesmaid dresses. If it is an outdoor autumn wedding in New England, a short, crepe dress may not be your best option. Conversely, you may want to avoid dark colors and heavy layers of tulle in the summertime. If possible, choose dresses that can be worn again. Bridesmaid dresses don't need to be thrown to the back of the closet. Many designers now create bridesmaid dresses in a cocktail style, or which come in two pieces. These dresses are made to be versatile and can be worn on a number of occasions. A bridesmaid may be reluctant to spend money on a dress she will only wear once. It makes the decision slightly easier if the dress can be viewed as an investment.


Think about the overall style of the wedding, including the bridal gown. Make sure to match the bridesmaid dress to the style of wedding. This can range from the vintage, modern or classic styled dress. If the bride is planning to wear a bohemian lace dress or similar, it is crucial that the maids complement that look.


The time of day and season can have an influence on the style of dress. Remember to keep comfort in mind when choosing the wedding outfit. Avoid light airy material in the cooler seasons. Likewise, heavy fabrics aren't a practical choice for a mid-summer wedding as this will leave the maids sweltering in the heat. A bridesmaids dress should be both comfortable and attractive.

Be considerate. 
If you are the bride, let your bridesmaids give some input when it comes to choosing bridesmaid dresses. It is their job to support you on your big day. You'll want them to be comfortable, so they can do so! If you are the bridesmaid, voice your concerns, but also listen to the bride! After all, this is her wedding. You may hate the color peach, but is it really worth arguing over? Discuss which elements are negotiable, and which are not, and then stick to them. Communication is key!


Here also how the bridesmaid dress match to purse and jewelry very important;


This should be the most considerable fact when you choosing a bridesmaid dress. When talking about colors, there is no limit to the colors we can wear... But when choosing the perfect evening purse, we should consider the colors as well as the style. By doing some experiments, you can create a unique outfit with a matching clutch bag. What Kind Of Purse Handbag Style Suit For Your Any Occasion(Good Choice)


The current fashion trends and colors for summer are the ever-popular, pastel pink with bridesmaids, red and royal blue for the guests, ivory for the brides and a combination of contrasting colors like a silver dress with a red clutch bag and red high heels. 


But if you want to create a classical look, you can choose traditional colors such as black, white or grey. A traditional silver clutch bag can give you a vibrant and elegant look.


About bridesmaid jewelry;

There are many different options of jewelry to choose from for a bridesmaids 


Simple gold or silver pendants that bear each bridesmaids initials make great bridal party gifts and your friends can wear this type of jewelry for both dress and casual wear whenever they want.


Beautiful decorative watch lockets also make very special and practical bridal party gifts. These are great for your bridesmaid to wear for any occasion where a wristwatch seems out of place.
Sparkling or fun fashion earrings make great gifts as well. sterling silver earrings can be geared to your price range making giving jewelry to your bridesmaid affordable as well as thoughtful.


Another great choice may be the sterling silver bracelet. These are becoming increasingly popular and come in a wide variety of styles that may allow you to find one that meets each of your bridesmaid's personal sense of style.


Bridesmaid jewelry does not have to be expensive. And some places online that sell it offer discounts when you purchase in quantity, especially when you're buying sets - the earrings and the necklace (and sometimes bracelets, too). So take the time to surf the 'Net awhile and check out what's out there - you are sure to be pleasantly surprised!


Conclusion; Mix and match bridesmaid dresses is a trend that definitely has staying power. Bridesmaids are less and less willing to dress up like a row of Rockettes, and ultimately they will look their best when allowed to choose a dress that suits their own taste and figure. Perhaps best of all, the mix and match approach frees brides from the age-old dilemma of trying to find a single bridesmaid dress that will look beautiful on a diverse group of women.

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