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20 Colorful Wedding Accessories Ideas will Make Your Big Day Awesome

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Getting married is a huge task, it is just not the thought of the wedding ceremony itself that matters. It is all those other smaller details that need attending to. This includes choosing the best bridal wedding accessories.


Let’s break down now


Colorful wedding dress
Today, colored wedding dresses are also becoming very popular in the market. Due to their unique look and bright colors, most of the women are buying such dresses. So, if you are looking for a well designed colored wedding dress you must go through the article given below carefully.


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Color wedding decoration
For decorating accessories for the ceremony pink flowers are always beautiful. Adding lots of pink flowers to the ceremony are is a great way to bring in color. Try adding a runway in pink material. Have the flower girl throw out pink rose petals. Get lots of pink tulles. Tulle is a very cheap sheer fabric that is great to decorate with. Tulle makes a great affordable wedding accessory. If you are getting married in a church the tulle can be tied into large bows and tied onto the ends of the church pews. Pink wedding accessories will really add to the look of any wedding space.


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Color Candles
Adding in pink candles always helps to pull in a romantic feel. Candles can be bought very inexpensively and give a great ambiance to any wedding. When looking for pink wedding accessories don't forget about bridesmaid dresses. This is a great way to add some color to any wedding. Dress the groomsmen in pink ties to match the bridesmaid's dresses. They can also have a pink scarf peeking out of the jacket pocket. That adds for a great little accent.



Color makeup
When trying to get the perfect makeup for the perfect wedding day, look for soft pink colors. Pink wedding makeup will add a great compliment to any pallet. Try using colors from Clinique, Mac, Dior, and Sephora in soft pink tones. Add a little bit of sheer iridescence to eyes. Mineral makeup is a great natural look. They offer a wide variety of pink tones in mineral makeup. This type of makes up good because it lasts all day and looks very natural. They have a subtle pink blush that glides on smooth and will not come off on clothing.



Color wedding headpiece
There are many options for wedding accessories for your hair. Some brides use decorative bridal hair combs to accessories their hair. These decorative combs are used in various methods. Some use it achieve a French twist-like look. Some add it to their hair so that it can stimulate an elegant look. The decorative combs can also be chosen in various designs and styles. If you prefer combs in a light color, then these are made available for you. These combs that are lightly colored are incorporated with sequins or beads. Mahogany combs are also available. You can also use fancy bridal hair clips to accessories your hair.


The Fashion Trend Of Wedding Hair Combs


The White Flower Wedding Hairclips


Color wedding jewelry

The Wedding Ring--Coordination is Key
Between cake tastings and dress shopping, don't forget to keep this important piece of wedding jewelry in mind. If your wedding ring is gold, don't plan on silver wedding jewelry. Pearls can be worn with any color and would compliment your gold wedding ring for a classic style. If it's white gold or platinum, consider silver jewelry to give your dress a more modern look.


925 Sterling Silver Engagement Rings

925 Sterling Silver Princess Ring For Women


Colorful necklace
In addition to the color trend in wedding wear, brides are choosing to accent their gowns with big, birthstone necklaces. The dainty little necklaces accented with pearls or crystals are losing out to necklaces that aren't just a nice little touch but are focusing all attention onto the bride. Dramatic collars, clusters or long strands of large pearls or beads, asymmetrical looks, multi-strand drops and V-necks are all styles of necklaces that are letting the bride boldly express her individuality. Dresses for fall and spring are often strapless or have very little neckline interest. Both of these features permit the bride to create her own interest using bold jewelry pieces, often in color. The jewelry, not the dress, is creating and demanding more and more attention.


New Heart Design Of 925 Sterling Silver Necklace



925 Sterling Silver Birthstone Necklace


Sterling silver bracelet
Sterling silver is a great choice for the warm months because it is a neutral color that goes with everything. Remember all those colorful clothes you dug out when putting away your winter coats? Well, each and every one of them should match with the base tones of a sterling silver bracelet (matching any gemstones or other coloring is up to you!). These sterling silver bracelets are great choices for fun in the sun.


925 Sterling Silver Purple Bracelet


925 Sterling Silver Flexible Link Bracelet


Colorful stud earrings
Call them stud earrings or birthstone earrings, these little bits of color and sparkle are back with us. Choose a simple 2.00ct pair of round diamonds set in 14K white gold. Each round cut 6.5mm stone is set in a three-prong martini setting. The earrings are secured with butterfly backs.


925 Sterling Silver Purple Birthstone Earrings For Women


925 Sterling Silver Fashion Angel Design Earrings

Or put a little color in your stud earrings, using orange, pink or red diamonds. Made from polished 14K yellow gold, the earrings feature two round diamonds in prong settings. The approximate diamond weight for each pair is 1.00ct. Affix them with a butterfly back.

Color clutch purse
Croc Leather Handle Bridesmaid's Bag - This pastel-colored faux crocodile leatherette bag can make a perfect accessory to each bridesmaid's summer wedding outfit. Available in black or brown micro fiver with pastel pink or blue faux croc trim, this bag features a water-resistant faux crocodile bottom, with a zippered pocket and an interior ling in a pastel color. You can personalize this hobo bag by having a single initial of your bridesmaid get embroidered on the side of the bag.


Fashion Purse Girl's Handbags


Embroidered Satchel Hand Bag - Both beautiful and practical, this blooming purse from Alycat Designs of San Francisco can make a gorgeous present for each bridesmaid. Chic and clever, this smaller sized bag is wider on the bottom, designed to expand and accommodate more than your bridesmaids would expect from a purse. Feel free to personalize this bag with the three initials of your bridesmaids.


Women Handbags Rhinestone Evening Bags


Flower Clutch Purse


Colorful Decorations and Floral Centerpieces 
Take a walk through your local fabric or craft store and just look at the items that are available to you. This will help spark creativity and more ideas for incorporating color as you plan your wedding. You may also find other ways to save money when it comes to decorating for the wedding reception, creative ideas for floral centerpieces for the tables, and ways to add a personal touch to wedding favors for your guests.


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Color balloon
If the balloon happens to be pink, tie a blue ribbon to the string; and vice versa. Place these wedding balloons in groups of two to three throughout the reception area. Also, rather than just using the ribbons on the balloons, feel free to tie ribbons & raffia to anything & everything in the reception area. As long as the decorations aren't clumped together, it'll be fine.


Other color wedding accessories
Other types of accessories include stoles, wraps, stockings and little pieces of attire which help the bride and bridesmaids on that special day. It's important to get the right items to match the dresses. Sometimes, in the hectic shopping, things get forgotten, like gloves or a pair of Spanx. It's those small things that add up to a lot of comforts.


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Conclusion; As you can undoubtedly see, it's not hard to come up with tasteful colorful wedding decor ideas so long as you have plenty of beautiful wedding accessories available!

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