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Ultimate Guide;How To Decoration Your Wedding On Budget(Worth Collection)

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Decoration Wedding On Budget


Finding a decoration wedding on a budget is often a challenge. You'll get to be creative and resourceful, but it is often done. Therefore, the reception location is often fun for everybody involved.


How to decorate a wedding on a budget?


First; When you are face to face with your decoration wedding on a budget, you should be honest about the budget you intend to allot for the decorations. This will help the decorator choose certain supplies that are matched to your desired theme at a cost that is also coordinated with your financial dreams. 


Secondly; Do not soar high on expectations about wedding themes that are way beyond your budget, but if you get fortunate, you may get a wedding decorator who is truly gifted and resourceful enough to create your imagined wedding at a low cost.


Thirdly; Decorations need not be so pricey and expensive. If the wedding decorator is perfect, he will develop the necessary materials that reflect good taste yet are cheap and affordable. Plain cloth may seem dull and lifeless if laid folded and flat on a table, but a good decorator can utilize their artistic talents to drape this piece of cloth on a chair or a wall post or hang it in the ceiling and create an exquisite design. Do not choose a wedding decorator if all they could come up with are ideas incorporating only expensive materials. A good and commendable decorator knows which areas need more money to spend and which areas do not.


The Fourth; The cost of a wedding decorator may be based on an hourly rate, or it could be a standard set fee or a percentage of the total cost for the wedding decorations. When asking for quotations, this quote should include all major and even small expenses or charges. It should consider goods and services tax, delivery cost, and breakdown of other fees charged by the wedding decorator.


So what is a decoration wedding on budget?


Decoration wedding on budget requires a consideration of all minute details, along with the cost of decor. Obviously, selecting cheap decor is important considering the one-time use and hit on a budget the decor may cause. Decor includes several aspects.


Location; Choosing the cheap decor as per the location - for instance, beachside locations should be decorated differently from the mansions and the garden locations.


Choosing the cheap decor as per the wedding theme. The colors, styles, and shapes of favors, candles, candleholders and other decorative accessories should match the chosen theme for the wedding ceremony.


Table decoration is quite an important purse. The decor chosen for the table includes several items, such as table centerpieces, cutlery, bottle openers, corkscrews, candles, and even flowers. You can actually unleash your creativity and imagination in the table decoration. This is bound to add an extra dimension of vivid beauty to the entire ceremony.


Flower; It's a traditional part of your table decorations. You may have a florist create arrangements with live flowers, the reception facility may provide certain flowers, or you can create your own floral arrangements with real or silk flowers and a bit of creativity.


Table centerpieces: It adds life to your tables without distracting guests from talking or the activities during the wedding reception. Your wedding reception table decorations should be attractive and functional. Consider place plates in the center of each table that spells out "L-O-V-E" and fills them with mints, candies, chocolates, and nuts. To really give your guests a special treat, set up a heart-shaped fondue maker in the middle of every table so guests can dip strawberries in melted chocolate.


Add colorful shells, rocks, or candies to the center of each wedding reception table in clear, glass cylinders. Turn a simple cylinder into something fabulous with colorful fillers and ribbon accents. If you have a country-themed wedding, you can use a glass container shaped like a western boot to hold goodies in the middle of every table.


Finally, the favors to the guests are also attractive wedding decorations. From silver-plated wine stoppers to a small frame featuring a photo of the happy couple, favors are table decorations as well as tokens of thanks.


Here are the top 10 tips that you should know to save your wedding decorations cost.


1. Decide on the essential items that you must have first and then worry about the extras.


2. Hand make the centerpieces yourself using items priced toward your budget.


3. Using artificial flowers is cheaper than fresh flowers unless you pick them yourself from a field.


4. Skip the extra wedding favors and focus more attention on decoration detail.


5. Never go over your decoration wedding on budget because you set it up for a reason.


6. Visit your nearby dollar store for smaller items like candles, candle holders, small laces, etc.


7. Never underestimate the elegance of basic décor. Sometimes minimal is best.


8. Some very versatile items that can make a beautiful decoration wedding on budget include clay pots, plastic bowls/vases, faux flowers, pearls, balloons, pillar candles, rhinestones, and empty wine bottles.


9. Tissue paper roses and flowers give off a beautiful look to any decorating style, and they are quick and easy to make.


10. A word to wise is that your decorations should not even amount to half of the money spent on the reception.


Conclusion; The total cost may be reduced by utilizing some already owned items like candles, vases, centerpieces, and others.


Ask the wedding decorator if you can contribute these items should you have them to lower your expenses.


Some decorators already have these decoration essentials and would charge rental costs for the items to be used during your wedding.

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