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How to Planning Unique Destination Wedding

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Destination Wedding Benefits

The average wedding cost for most couples is approximately $50,000. Destination weddings held at a reasonable place (no private islands) typically cost between $15,000 and $40,000, depending on how many guests you invite! Having a destination wedding can help you have a luxury wedding on a budget.



You get more "bang for your buck" since a destination wedding can serve as a fantasy getaway vacation for you and your guests! It makes the entire wedding experience that much more enjoyable.


Planning Your Destination Wedding

Is a Destination wedding right for you? Before launching your grand plan, consider if a destination wedding is right for you.



Choose the Perfect Destination 
Imagine your wedding day; do you see you see it on a beach or a park? Is it warm or cold?


Choosing the perfect destination can be a challenge, consider your budget as part of your decision making as well.


Destination weddings are definitely within reach for those on a budget.


The USD currency is strong against emerging market types in countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Chile, meaning the U.S. dollar is worth more in these countries.


Consider having a destination wedding in one of these countries to take advantage of the exchange rate benefits.


For example, $1 USD equals 13 pesos. Therefore, if flower arrangements cost 1000 pesos, you would only be spending about $77 USD.


Set the Date 
Although most weddings take place in the summer months, destination weddings in tropical locations can be great during just about any month.


Plus, booking a wedding "off-season" may tremendously save on costs. Consider choosing a non-summer date that is also accessible for your friends and family.


Once you set the date, make sure to give guests at least four to six months notice for the big day, so they can give proper notice to take off work or make other arrangements.


Make All Guest Arrangements 
If you choose to have a destination wedding, it is up to you and your spouse-to-be to book flights and hotel accommodations for your guests.


You must also decide whether it is in your budget to pay all expenses for your guests, or if they will pay the flight and hotel fees themselves.


Have the funding to pay for your guests? Consider booking everything at once to get a group rate or discount.


If you have a limited budget, consider giving guests a small token to show how much you appreciate their attendance, for example, your destination's famous chocolates or delicious coffee.


Also, have an itinerary of wedding events for each guest and suggest different sights to see or places to visit on their downtime.


Seek Help, If Needed 
A lot of brides who wish to have a destination wedding simply do not have the time to plan all of its details.


Hiring a wedding consultant/coordinator may be the perfect remedy for stress overload. He or she can research all aspects of the wedding and assist in the planning.


Use Local Vendors 
Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get things from Point A to Point B, especially if Point B is halfway across the world.


Use local florists, caterers, hairdressers, etc. to allow your big day to run much more smoothly.


Have a Back-Up Plan 
As much as you want the sun shining and the birds chirping on your big day, you never know what


Mother Nature has up her sleeve. Therefore, always have a Plan B. Planning on getting married on a beach?


Make sure there is an indoor venue nearby and book the space in case the weather does not cooperate.

Destination Wedding Favor Ideas and Tips
When planning a destination wedding, here are some"don'ts" when selecting your destination wedding favors:

Candles, chocolates, and candy can melt. It does not matter if you are not traveling to a warm climate, if you plan on taking your favors on a plane, the cargo holding areas can be quite hot. You should eliminate these favor ideas from your list.

Glass can break and anything you feel has the potential to be break - cross that off your list as well.

Item weight. Let's face it - you will be traveling not only with all your normal vacation items but also with all your bridal items as well.


Carrying another 30 plus pounds is not something you, your groom, or your attendants want to do.

Don't plan on having your favors shipped internationally. Not only is international shipping expensive, your favors could potentially get lost in customs, broken during handling, or heavily taxed by the government.

Here are some "do's" to think about when planning your destination wedding favors:

Think lightweight. If you plan on traveling with your favors, try to select something lightweight and small. Remember your guests have to pack these to take home too!

If you can't think of anything that will go with your destination wedding theme, select something useful or practical - which has a special meaning to both of you.

If you rather not take weddomg favors with you, you can send your favors direct to your guest's homes with their thank you notes.


A bit more expensive, but your guests will be quite surprised when they find a little thank you token with your note.

Now for some wonderful destination wedding favor ideas!

Luggage tags: They're perfect for destination weddings, as most destination weddings require the guests to travel to a certain location. They more than likely will be used again - as many people simply use disposable tags or the tags that come pre-attached to luggage. With heart shape designs, to planes and cruise ships, luggage tags are perfect!

Bookmarks: one of the most popular pastimes for vacationers is reading a good book. Give them something they can use both home and away - a bookmark! With numerous shapes on the market you're sure to find a bookmark that will match your event. Bookmarks are also lightweight, and travel well.

For a more formal destination reception, place card holders also make a good choice.


Usually lightweight and small, place card holders can double to hold seating assignments and then later on to hold photos, notes and recipe cards.


Stay away from place card frames though, unless the front is made of pvc plastic. You do not want glass frames to break in transit.

Wine charms or bottle stoppers. With an average weight of 1/4 pound or less and available in many styles - these make a lightweight, good choice if your having a small affair.

Cocktail Mix Favors: when you think of laying on a warm sandy beach, many people also think of a nice tropical drink in hand.


Give your guests a taste of the tropics with a cocktail mix favor in which they can relax and enjoy at home.


Totally customizable these are lightweight, unbreakable and inexpensive!

Travel related items: such as mini alarm clocks, manicure kits, mini travel soaps, or sewing kits.

Think outside the box: shop party stores as well, for unique party favor items. For a beach theme wedding you can give a tropical luau bag filled with leis, sunglasses,beach hats, inflatable beach balls, etc...


Think back to when you were a child and received goodie bags at birthday parties.


Perhaps a bit silly, but I guarantee everyone will be sporting those beach hats and carrying those bags around your destination resort.


Wedding Tees: A screen-printing shop can create a custom tee shirt design just for you!


Reasonably priced when you are having a smaller affair, everyone will use your tee shirts, time and time again, even if it is "just around the house". People love shirts!


Gift bags / Gift Baskets: when your guests arrive at their destination, a lovely (but sometimes expensive) option is having a small gift basket in their hotel room.


Soaps, sewing kit, manicure kit, mini clock, bookmarks, a small bottle of champagne or wine, non-perishable food items (cookies, crackers, snacks, mints), etc...will be a generous gesture.


For bridesmaids and maid of honor favor gift

Choices are of different assortment as well. Just like a present for groomsmen and best man, gifts for these girls are also available worldwide.


You may also consider shopping online where wider option awaits you. You can buy personalized bridesmaids and main of honor jewelry like, sterling silver bracelets; necklaces; earrings; anklets; pendants and even their bridal hair pins that can complete their wedding outfit.


Another option can be personalized handbags like evening bags, clutches, toiletry bags, tote bags and the like. 

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