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How Easy DIY Wedding Hair Combs(5 Steps Tutorial)

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Wedding ensemble should be perfect from head to toe,this selection of DIY wedding hair combs tutorials is sure to offer big day inspiration.


Here show to you how to easy DIY wedding hair combs in 5 steps;


materials you need: 
6 mm glass pearl beads  
4 mm glass pearl beads 
8 mm glass pearl beads  
8 mm glass crystals  
6 mm glass crystals 
4 mm glass crystals  
wire 28 gauge  
metal comb 

Step1:take wire gauge making long brunch,then get 4mm glass crystals in to wire.

Step2:Bend one side of the wire up to form another twisted arm. Add a bead or two and twist. Then twist with the other wire about 1/8″.

Step 3:Add a pearl and place in position on the wire in order that you have got enough length
Keep bending and twisting until you’re happy with the look of your “vine”.

Step 4::Find the longer length of wire once more and add on five chips effort some length of wire hold the chips between your thumb and fore finger and create a jewelled headdress twist.

Step 5:After made the hair pearl,take metal combs on wire attach securely  

Here also have some beautiful wedding hair combs pattern from

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Do you have more wedding hair combs advice,leave your comments or share it.

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