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Ultimate Guide the Wedding Plan for Your Big Day

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Your wedding will be one of the moments of your life that you will never forget. This is why you should make the best of it.


Hiring someone, like a wedding planner, to help you out on your wedding day may just be one of the best decisions that you could ever make for your wedding to be a success.


She will source the best wedding planning services for your ideal wedding.


Here show some great Ideas about the wedding plan




You will want to select the top 5 most important things regarding your wedding and sit down to figure out how much you can afford to spend on each one.


This is a big step when planning your wedding so you should treat it as such.


Nothing is more important than creating a budget for your wedding, and it's best to do so with each other there so that you-two can discuss the costs.


This is a very important step in the wedding planning process, so don't take it lightly.



Here are the Top 3 Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner


Contacts & Costs Savings:

They are professionals who have deep rooted connections within the wedding industry.


They have the ability to leverage their resources to customize products and services just for you.


They have hands on working relationships with most wedding vendors and can provide you with tangible feedback on the quality of products and services vendors have to offer.


Wedding planners also receive extra discounts and perks from their industry partners which they will happily pass on to you; this will certainly allow you to stay within your budget.


Time Saving:

This is a full Time job for most planners so, while you are busy with your work schedule and other family commitments, they are the ones who will be able to stay on top of all the vendors and organize your wedding tasks in an efficient manner.


Furthermore, they will have expert knowledge of when and how tasks on your wedding checklist should be accomplished.


They are also beneficial in reminding and guiding you on proper etiquette, budget guidelines and anything else along the way.


Peace of Mind:

Things can go wrong during your wedding; however, a wedding planner can act as a buffer to absorb the stress involved in organizing your wedding.


A good planner always has a contingency plan in place for many products and services you require.


They will also present you with options and frequent progress reports and check- ins to ensure that you are at ease before your wedding.


He or she is a problem solver and he or she is there to help alleviate any stress you may encounter during the process and that is what you will need during this time.


Here are a few tips for finding the best one to meet your needs and to turn your wedding into the experience and dream of a lifetime.


When talking to prospective planners, ask them about their experience. Many wedding consultants have wedding planning websites that describe their background and the services they offer.


Look for someone that has been working in the wedding industry for several years.


Ask about difficult situations and how they have resolved the problems. Talk to prospective planners about common issues that present themselves during the planning process and potential solutions to those issues.



Also, ask about past experiences. Often, planners will offer references from brides they have worked with in the past.


When you talk to brides they have worked with in the past, ask the reference what they liked and what they did not like about the wedding consultant.


Ask about things such as how flexible the wedding planner was and how they helped offer alternative suggestions.


Ask them to honestly tell you if they would work with this wedding consultant again.



Wedding planners and consultants charge for their services in several different ways.


Some planners offer assistance based on a flat rate price. If you talk to a wedding planner who uses this type of pricing system, make sure you understand precisely what services are included in the contract.


In many cases, planners who charge a flat rate will add charges for services that are not included in the original contract.


Some planners charge based on a flat rate that is based on a limited number of hours.


If your wedding requires them to work additional hours, those hours will be added to your final cost at an hourly rate.


Another pricing system is a percentage of your overall wedding budget. Wedding planners using this method of pricing will ask you for your estimated budget and include that amount in their contract.


Again, make sure you understand exactly what services will be included in the contract.


Also, it is important to keep in mind that if you increase costs and your budget increases, your wedding planner cost will also increase.


Working with a wedding planner can reduce the stress that comes with getting married.


Often, wedding planners have access to local vendors, such as bakeries, florists, wedding and reception sites and decorators at reduced prices.


Experienced wedding consultants can help you stay within your budget and allow you to relax and enjoy your special day without stressing over the details.



For some brides, choosing their wedding date will come down to when their favorite reception site is available. (It is often easier to book a date at a church than a reception site.)


Consider wedding season

A lot of couples will choose their wedding date based on their favorite season.


This may also depend where you live. Southern brides enjoy spring weddings before the weather gets too hot, while a New England bride might want to take advantage of the spectacular fall foliage.


If you have always imagined yourself as a June bride carrying roses and wearing pearl bridal jewelry, then a Saturday in June could be the perfect date.


One couple I know got married in the winter because the groom was worried about being too hot in his tuxedo in the summertime.


Couples who love the beach will probably want to have a summer wedding (unless they are planning a destination wedding).


Consider wedding flowers colors

You could also choose a wedding date based on your favorite flowers or colors.


If you absolutely must carry lilies-of-the-valley, then you had better plan a May wedding. If you adore red roses, a Christmas wedding would be wonderful.


Brides who love the look of red, orange, and yellow mums can get married in September or October.


Pastel wedding colors are traditionally associate with the spring, bright colors with summer, orange with the fall, and red with the winter.


Choose a Sentimental Wedding Date

Once you have set your wedding date, you will be ready to start booking your venue, caterer, florist, band and all of the rest.


If you have chosen a holiday weekend or popular wedding date (like a Saturday in June), it would be a good idea to send out save the date cards about six months before your wedding.


That way when your wedding day finally arrives, all of your loved ones will be there to celebrate with you.


The mark of a good decorator is their ability to transform a venue into your winter wonderland, secret garden, and/or an elegant ballroom-wedding day.


Decorators work in conjunction with supply houses, light designers, and florists to create the wedding of your dreams.


How to Find The Best Wedding Decorations

wedding decorators take care of every minute detail to make the entire wedding look extravagant and speckless.


Look for the following qualities in a wedding decorator and if you found one, you can be sure to get what you have been dreaming about your special day.



If you are a perfectionist, then you cannot put your big day at risk. Go for the best decorator who is willing to sit with you at least 2 to 3 months prior to the wedding.


This helps you to have everything discussed clearly so that you get plenty of time to choose your wedding theme perfect for that season of wedding.



The person must be willing to work as team, sit with your friends and relatives to put together the idea of a unique wedding theme.


Since tradition plays a huge role in weddings, especially in Indian weddings, take the time to discuss the needs and design the theme accordingly.



The decorator must be energetic with quick observing and listening skills. The person              must be a hard worker who is not only after his or her own success but who finds success by making great weddings.



Select your costume and keep it handy while you discuss about the makeup with your beautician. The decorator can give you custom-made décor options based on what you wear for your wedding and other events.



The wedding decorator must also focus on the guests. The person must take care of the wedding favors.


You probably don't want your guests to have old fashioned chocolates for gifts. Ask your decorator to go creative in this part too.


Ask your decorator to go creative and explore new ideas to amuse your guests.


Follow these tips to get to your best wedding decorator and no doubt your wedding will become the talk of the town.


If you are too busy to engage yourself for the wedding preparations within the short stipulated time, just go for good wedding planners to take care of everything including exclusive wedding decorations for your wedding.


All you have to do is to be present for your wedding. Everything else will be taken care of by professional wedding planning services. No hustle and no bustle. Just relax.


Some couples choose to involve their guests in the wedding in unusual ways. For example, disposable cameras can be placed on tables for the guests.


The guests can take pictures of the wedding reception from a personal point of view and create an unusual and fun wedding albums/scrapbooks for the future.

How To Choose A Wedding Theme

Many couples are faced with a tough decision on which wedding theme to choose from. With so many wedding ideas, how is one to choose?


Well, the easiest way to start choosing a wedding theme is to look at what you and your spouse have a passion for.


Especially if it is a hobby or sport that both of you enjoy doing together. Think about whether this common hobby or sport is suitable to use as a wedding theme.


If both of you do not have any hobby or sport in common, then you can explore other themes that may appeal to you and discuss it with your spouse.


Sometimes, one of the couple will take charge of the entire wedding planning while the partner remains passive.


If this is the case, it is rather easy to decide on a theme.


If both parties are heavily involved in the planning process, then compromise is a must.


Despite what personal preferences each of you may have, there are some basic considerations to take note when choosing a wedding theme:


Costs - Have a budget in mind

  • Location - Depending on the chosen theme, where is the most suitable place
  • Size - How big do you want your wedding to be? How many guests?


Formal or informal

  • Time - Is the theme realistic for both of you? Do you have the time to plan for the theme?
  • Weather - Is the theme susceptible to weather conditions?


Here are some wedding theme ideas that you can consider: 

Beach wedding theme

Seasonal wedding theme - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

  • Garden
  • Butterfly
  • Fairytale
  • Western
  • Asian
  • Hawaiian
  • Las Vegas
  • Ethnic - Indian, Scottish, Irish, Japanese, etc

If the chosen theme is dependent on weather condition, then you may have to think about making contingency plan. The beach theme is one example.


Once you have decided on a wedding theme, it is important to carry it through to the end.


You may be tempted to side track or change the theme halfway, but in most cases, this will only slow down your planning and incur extra costs.


Planning for a wedding can be stressful sometimes but when you look at the beautiful decorations,the dresses and the smiles on everyone's faces on your wedding day, you know that it is definitely worth the effort.



A few popular wedding gifts to choose from include bridal wedding accessories such as bridesmaids jewelry, clutch purse, shoes, wedding tiaras or hairpins, and other items that can complete your bridesmaids' ensembles.


Bags of goodies and gift baskets are favorite gifts for bridesmaids as well.


Personalized picture frames and albums, custom jewelry boxes and monogrammed shirts are also a hit as bridesmaid gifts.


An endless selection of gift ideas awaits you. Make some good research ahead of time, compare prices and choose the right presents for your supportive wedding attendants.


Picking the pieces that will best complement the wedding party's dresses. The bride will generally choose a more elaborate set of wedding jewelry, and select something a bit more streamlined for her attendants.


Sterling silver wedding jewelry can be made to suit any taste, from the timeless style of pearls on a silver chain in a tin cup necklace to a contemporary lariat to a sparkling crystal and sterling silver necklace for a bride who loves to shine.


For bridesmaids, silver necklaces and sterling silver bracelets which can be engraved are favorite gifts, as are bridesmaid jewelry sets which are handmade with Swarovski crystals or pearls in the wedding colors.



Inexpensive, Elegant Wedding Favors

These inexpensive, elegant wedding favors offer you a number of advantages.

Inexpensive: This is, of course, a relative term. A donation of $1,000 might be termed "inexpensive" if you are inviting 1,000 guests.


You are getting wedding favors for a mere $1 per guest. If you are on a smaller budget, your wedding favor donation could be much less than $1,000.


Perhaps you really have little to spend on any kind of wedding favors. A small flute-shaped bottle filled with bubbles,its white top said to look like champagne foam, might cost only $0.20 per guest, and that may be all you can afford.


But suppose you donated the same amount to the Humane Society. You would still get inexpensive wedding favors, but they would not appear to be inexpensive.


The ASPCA has no minimal donation amount. Nor do they limit donations at the upper end. Whatever you can give for your wedding favors is appreciated.


Elegant: Those little champagne bubble bottles would not seem the least bit elegant.


Most inexpensive wedding favors do not. The same amount of money, however, donated to the Humane Society.


Respect: Your friends are likely to respect your decision to make a donation in place of giving wedding favors.


Many will probably compliment you on your gracious deed. You may even find that a few, looking forward to their own weddings, will ask how you made the donation.


Satisfaction: You begin your married life knowing that you did something meaningful - showed compassion to animals in need.


You will gain a sense of satisfaction from the knowledge that your wedding favors had real value.


Again, your wedding venue sets the tone for your wedding and when picking, put these factors into consideration:

The first is your wedding budget. There are many venues that you can choose from and that will also be available, the question is, can you afford them?


As you are planning your wedding, you must learn to appropriately budget your money and set aside portions for each part of your wedding.


The budget you will use for your venue will also depend on how many guests you are planning to invite. Of course, the bigger the place, the more expensive you will pay.


The second thing to think about is your wedding date. If you are considering having two wedding venues, then you need to make sure that both venues will be available on the same date.


When deciding for a wedding date, it is best to pick a year ahead. Most often than not, wedding venues will accept reservations for big weddings if you book 6 months to 1 year ahead.


Believe it or not, sometimes you will encounter booking a venue that has already been booked for more than a year. That is why starting ahead of time is an advantage.


The third thing is to pick several venues that you can choose from. It is very important that you compare their rates and see what will fit your budget best.


Also, make sure you have a backup wedding venue just in case something goes wrong with your first choice.


Further, if you already have a list of venues in hand, you should make it a point to visit them personally.


This way you will be able to look at the place and see if it has the perfect size for your wedding.


It will also be helpful to visualize where you will be placing certain aspects for your wedding like the stage, the buffet table, the sound system and other things.




I have five tips that will help you get started and might even inspire you to think outside the "honeymoon" box:

1. You don't have to travel across the world to have a great honeymoon. The first thing that springs to most couples' minds when they think "honeymoon" is some tropical, distant locale on the other side of the planet.


What they aren't thinking about is the exorbitant cost of flying that far or even the very unromantic drudgery of being stuck on that flight for fifteen hours.


To put it simply, there is probably some beautiful getaway a lot closer to where you live.


Try looking into flights under eight hours long and you'll not only be saving money, but a little sanity too!


While you're at it, why not skip the plane entirely? Driving to your honeymoon can be much more fun and you can always add a little detour for a little spontaneity.


2. Consider booking a room at a Bed and Breakfast. Whether you're thinking about staying closer to home or you're still sold on that distant locale, you can still save more money by booking at a bed and breakfast.


You're guaranteed to have a variety of selections in bed and breakfasts no matter where you travel, and unlike conventional hotels, they provide an authentic, cozy atmosphere perfect for sparking a little romance between you lovebirds.


You'll feel even more immersed in the locale of your honeymoon, and many of these types of accommodations include nice extras like local insider information, free meals, and even some free activities!


3. Every vacation destination has an off-season. With a little research, you can figure out when that is for your choice destination and find some fantastic deals.


Most places are just as charming in their off season and often have the same activities available year round!


Not only will you have the same experience for a lot less money, but you'll have the advantage of beating the crowds.


Either look into places that have their off-season around the time of your wedding, or take the more modern approach and simply plan your honeymoon for later in the year.


Sure, it might seem like a drag to have to wait, but it can make your trip all the sweeter.


4. Try camping! As you can tell, all of the planning that goes into a honeymoon can get complicated, especially if you're looking for a deal.


Why not cut the middle man out of your trip entirely, so to speak? Go camping instead!


You can still travel to the destination of your choice; just do a little digging and find somewhere you can lay your head under the stars.


The adventure of making your way together out in nature is sure to spark romance between the two of you, and the success of pitching a tent or building a fire can be a great bonding experience.


After all, nothing can kill the mood faster than a little phrase called, "check out time."


5. Why pay for it yourself in the first place? While it's a long standing tradition to create a wedding registry of gifts, the one thing couples often don't think to put on the list is their honeymoon itself!


Experiences last you a lifetime; silverware lasts until it starts looking tacky. You're already two people who have combined all of your worldly possessions.


Odds are, not only do you have all of the things you need, you probably have two of all the things you need by now.


Instead of asking for the traditional gifts, ask for your honeymoon! You can either break it up into components like airfare, hotel reservations, activities, and so on, or you can simply allow your guests to donate some cash to your honeymoon fund, giving you the chance to choose and plan as you like.



Your wedding plans are important and can help you find yourself.


You may also find your man will be proud of you for taking care of everything, but you can always ask him to help with the plans.


Your maid of honor can also come in handy, so be heard speak out when you need help to plan your wedding.

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