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Top 36 Updo Hairstyle Ideas For Weddings(Stunning Picture)

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Wedding updos should look elegant and satiny and can last all day. The perfect marriage updos are easy to accessorize, match any marriage's theme, and look great in photos. 

How do you do an updo hairstyle for a wedding?

The Side Updo: It seems that crooked is the way to go, and this is undoubtedly a plus for us girls. Trying the aesthetics at home-it means lower fussing about the evenness of our updo, and a side updo is so much easier to see in the glass! So take your favorite updo, and set it off fettle for a new and bettered ultramodern look.


However, try a simple low-set side bun, which you can produce fluently by securing your hair in a side pony at your neck and twirling it into a bun If you're searching for ideas. Add oomph with a ponytail hair extension or glam it up with a jeweled comb or sparkly hair legs. 


The Braided Updo: The Olsen, Jessica Alba, and Lauren Conrad are all suckers of this updo with a bohemian twist. Any look you choose, whether it a braided half updo with just a crown of lacings like this one or a whole red carpet bun wrapped in a beautiful plat, you'll be sure to have on-trend permanents that will indeed wow a crowd! 


The Undone Updo: The most significant trend of all, and can you believe the easiest!! Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, and Ashley Olsen keep it cool with impeccably undone updos where messy is the aphorism. Throw up your hair in a loose pony, coil up the ends and leg, wash some hairspray, and you are good to go!

Now here she 36 updo hairstyles for wedding ceremony

1/36.Loose Side Braid Bun


Loose Side Braid Bun

You can try this hairstyle with hairstylist results at the glamorous wedding ceremony. 


2/36  Loose Hairstyle Bun With Veil


Loose Hairstyle Bun With Veil

Bridal hairstyles are french twisted with a veil, and the hairstylist has relaxed the twist slightly, making the whole look elegant.


3/36  Smooth Low Bun Hairstyle With Hairclip


Smooth Low Bun Hairstyle With Hairclip

Make this low bun feel chicer by placing unique wedding hair accessories on top. 


4/36 Chignon Texture Bun With Hair Combs


Chignon Texture Bun

Curls pulled up into a messy top bun make the whole look stunning; this highlights your gorgeous wedding makeup. 



5/36 Chignon Up Bun Hairstyle


Chignon Up Bun Hairstyle

Make a knot on top; It prefers elegant hairstyles because they have timeless appeal.



6/36 Floral Low Hairstyle With Veil


Floral Low Hairstyle With Veil

This style of elegant hairstyle is so chic; such a soft romanticism with a long veil makes the whole looking floral.


7/36 Messy Low Updo Hairstyle With Headpiece


Messy Low Updo Hairstyle With Headpiece

The stunning messy low updo hairstyle makes the whole of your wedding updo look amazing.


8/36 Simple Knot Hairstyle


Simple Knot Hairstyle

No matter what occasion you attend, this hairstyle makes the whole pretty, and whatever event you wear it to the party. 


9/36 Swept Side Bun Hairstyle


Swept Side Bun Hairstyle

The smooth swept side bun with hairpiece looks sweet; pull hairpieces at your temples for a boho-chic vibe. 


10/36 Texture Water Fall Updo Hairstyle 


Texture Water Fall Updo Hairstyle

This texture style updo looks fantastic even as you attend any occasion. A waterfall bun will keep all your strands perfectly in place. 


11/36  Classic French Hairstyle With Pearl


Classic French Texture Hairstyle

I love this classic french hairstyle with pearl because it's beautiful and practical. 


12/36 Loose Hairstyle With Hairpin


Loose Hairstyle With Hairpin

Twists side in place look enchanting with a floral wedding hairpin. 


13/36 Low Bun With Headband


Low Bun With Headband

Add a crown headband on top; This loose wedding updo looks gorgeous.


14/36 Chic Messy Twist Hairstyle With Colorful Flower


Chic Messy Twist Hairstyle With Colorful Flower

Please discuss with your hairstylist to weave delicate flowers and add colorful flowers that rest on the soft low bun as elegant as the bun itself. 


15/36 Spread Wedding Headpiece on Braid


Spread Wedding Headpiece on Braid

The wedding braid hairstyle uses a hair accessory instead of a veil. 


16/36 Long Side Braid With Hairpin


Long Side Braid With Hairpin

Please give them the option of a side braid, particularly a glamorous wedding chic look. 


17/36 Side Braid With Low Bun


Side Braid With Low Bun

Loose texture back with a sparkly headpiece for a stunning vintage wedding updo. 


18/36 Twist Back Bun On Shoulder


18 Twist Back Bun On Shoulder

The bride's low bun on her shoulders is boosted with subtle volume; It talks about a wow moment! 


19/36 Simple Smooth Low Bun With Hairpin


19 Simple Smooth Low Bun With Hairpin

With its excellent features of buns on the back, this bride's high, sleek knot is undeniably elegant.


20/36 Braid Shoulder Bun


Braid With Shoulder Bun

It looks unique braid top paired with wedding hair combs, from strapless gowns to chic jumpsuits.


21/36 Glam Braid


Glam Braid

It's a chignon braid with a show flower hairpin, like these gorgeous hairpieces. It's a very romantic touch.


22/36 Texture Braid Bun


22 Texture Braid Bun

 It is a sweet texture bun; it all together for the perfect balance of whimsy and sophistication, the whole looking elegant.



23/36 Fancy Fench Bun Hairstyle


23 Fancy Fench Bun Hairstyle

This stunning french twist with sparkly hairpiece got an unexpectedly exquisite look on the base of the classic updo. Add to the elegance of bridal hair.



24/36 Side Braid With Bun


Side Braid With Bun

Set this side braid updo for long hair that still seems weightless and effortless; with water following on the head, make it elegant looking.



25/36 Simple Sparkly 


25 Simple Sparkly 

Twisted smooth wedding hair on the back bun lets brides comfortable formal hairstyle options, which shows that your wedding look is romantic.



26/36 Stunning And Breathtaking


26 Stunning And Breathtaking

Add white flowers to make it work by incorporating curls into the bouffant and chignon. This hairdo can work for virtually any occasion.



27/36 Loose Updo with A Hairpin


27 Loose Updo with A Hairpin

At first glance, like this loose bun with water follow; but on further inspection, Wedding flowers, hairpins, and brides are always a perfect fit.


28/36 Loose Texture Braid Bun


28 Loose Texure Braid Bun

They will add texture to styles, and the loose make the perfect balance of whimsy and sophistication.



29/36 Loose Bridal Bun with Veil


29 Loose Bridal Bun with Veil

Pina veil underneath, You can blend twists with a low bun and try to do it yourself.



30/36 Wedding Updo Bun with Tiara


Wedding Updo Bun with Tiara

Add sparkly wedding tiara on the head gives some structure to this relaxed wedding day hairstyle, which is just a bit undone and carefree but still so elegant.



31/36 Casual Bridal Hair Ideas


Casual Bridal Hair Ideas

If your hair is shorter, you can still create this soft hairstyle. So your recent lob hairstyle with a wedding hair headband can easily translate into a romantic updo that you'll adore.


32/36 Loose Textured Updo


Loose Texture Updo

These softly incredible romantic wedding updo hairstyles are seriously stunning. Suppose you want to add chic to your wedding hairstyle. I have tried this one.


33/36 Twist Braid Bun


Twist Braid Bun

This twist braid bun back will keep all your strands perfectly. It shows off those gorgeous cheekbones.


34/36 Simple Ponytail


Simple Pontail

 Have your stylist tease this simple ponytail when in doubt about volume for the chignon itself.


35/36 Loose Top Bun With Hairpiece


Loose Top Bun With Hairpiece

I love this elegant loose bun with hair combs, plus those face-framing waves water follow are everything.



36/36 Messy Waves Updo With Veil


Messy Waves Updo With Veil

I love the idea of turning florals from your bouquet into your wedding updo—delicate flowers and greenery or larger statement blooms. 



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