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30 Wedding Makeup Ideas Suit for Every Kind of Bride

by Administrator


On this special day, you have to look like a supermodel. Your make up should stay on the whole day and since photos are taken from different angles, you should look natural and beautiful.


Brides and grooms usually spend a lot of time in choosing the wedding ring, flowers, hairstyle, and wedding dresses but makeup is often overlooked.


It would be best to hire a makeup artist instead of doing it yourself. Schedule for an appointment and the before the big event, applying the complete makeup can be tested out.


So why is airbrushing the latest bridal makeup? Well, it's taken a number of years for airbrushing to come out of the exclusive world of celebrity and into the mainstream, but since it has, women everywhere are reaping the benefits. 


Here show you 30 Wedding bridal Makeup Ideas suit for Every Kind of Bride


1) Bunking Rehearsed Makeup Look: - This may seem extra cost to you but it's of great help. So going for pre-bridal makeup trial will actually worth it. By chance, if you don't like the first trial then you will enough time to go for the second trial. 


You can also try out for free by attending any free beauty event that's going near you. Keep looking for such events near your area. 


2) Going Not Prepared for the Pr-Rehearsed Makeup Look: - Once you have planned for the trial makeup, going unprepared is one of the mistakes you can make.


What kind of looks and hairstyle with bridal hair combs you want. if you go without any photo it may be difficult for them to understand? Showing pictures than verbally speaking is a lot more effective.


3) Getting Stuck in Beauty Trends: - Lately, wherever you see, all speaks about beauty trends and no doubt people are crazy about it as well.


You will be showcasing them for the rest of your life when no such recent trends will exist. Thus, keep your wedding makeup natural and usual. 


4) Experimenting with New Look: - Wedding day is not the ideal time at all to try out new looks and makeup style. This one of the major mistakes you can make. Avoid it strictly.


Once you try out something new and somehow you find you aren't happy with the outcome, you'll have no time to change it and end up making a big blunder.


Select bridal makeup that you feel comfortable with and can carry well, because the focus will be on you across the entire lot. So, make sure you go with something of your choice and taste.


5) Changing Your Regular Skin Care Routine: - If you have sensitive skin or go through skin breakouts easily then abruptly changing your regular beauty regime is another mistake that you should avoid.


Wedding time is not the ideal time to start with a new beauty routine. You will not have sufficient time to recover it. Be consistent with your beauty regime.


Also, make sure to keep your skin hydrated every day in the morning and night.


6) Tanning sessions: - Opting for tanning session just the day before your wedding day I snot a healthy option. If you want tanning to be done then do it gradually over the week till the big day arrives.


That way it looks natural. This will help it to understand whether you like it or not. 


7) Over-Tanning Process: -Your dress must complement with your body skin and if you overdo the tanning process that will not make you look bright during your big day. such as shoes, dress, wedding jewelry and evening clutches color should match your makeup. Thus, avoid the mistake of over-tanning.


8) Don't go for Spray-Tan: - There are various types of spray tan available in the market and many go for this option but looks very abnormal.


Instead for airbrush tan and ask your tan artist to skip the face part as it makes it look unnatural with eyes and lids all covered in dark color. 


9) Waxing just before the wedding day: - Many presume that waxing body before the wedding day is accurate, but it's not. Waxing your body and eyebrows at least 5 days before the wedding day is the correct time to avoid any rash marks or scabs.


If it's your first time of waxing then surely avoid waxing just the day before.


10) Not properly prepping your skin for the big day: - A healthy and nourished skin is most essential to hold your makeup well. 


11) Bunking Body Make-up: - Your face area is not the only part that's going to be reflected in the big day. Other parts of the body need attention too during this big day.


So, ending the make-up just up to your jaw-line is not the correct thing. Your body needs makeup as well.


Your back, neck, hands all these displayed parts need proper makeup to match with your face. Else it looks very absurd. So never skip the body makeup process.


12) A layer of Heavy Foundations: - What most brides think is that putting multiple layers of foundation on the face will make them look bright.


What they forget is it's a matter of almost the entire day and putting tons of foundation will eventually start making the face look cakey.


It reflects stunning bridal portrait looks in the bridal photographs. Also, too much foundation will not last longer. Just apply a good primer before applying foundation. 


13) Going Overboard with powder: - Powder brings the matte effect in the makeup, but while applying too much powder it can magnify any wrinkles under your eye area.


So, avoid such look don't apply too much powder, apply a little bit of powder for a subtle look. Just add a touch-up to the entire make-up to look beautiful and fresh.


14) Airbrush application of Foundation: - If you want an even finish with minimum even coverage then airbrush is just the perfect.


But a director of one renowned beauty institute once stated that if you seek full and heavy coverage, then sticking to the traditional applying of foundation is a better option to opt for.


Since wedding day is a matter of the whole day, by chance if you sweat a lot or there's any rubbing off makeup by mistake, then second-time airbrush applicator creates a problem. So, the safe way is to go with the regular one.


15) Using Foundation with SPF: - These days the majority of the foundation comes with SPF, which is good for an everyday look.


But for your wedding day it's better to stick with the normal regular foundation with no foundation.


If you are going for an outdoor setup then you can apply sunscreen under your foundation. That way the SPF into your screen rather than sitting on top of the foundation.


16) Not Giving Adequate Time for the Makeup to set: - What mistakes most of the brides make is rushing for makeup just before the wedding event starts.


Applying makeup steps one after another without giving any time to set may make a blunder. Allowing the makeup to dry after each step will make it last longer and look natural and even.


After every application of each makeup step allow it to dry so that the next step of application sits perfectly on your skin. This will not only last your makeup longer but will also make it look bright and healthy.


17) Not Going for Waterproof Coverage for Makeup: - It's your wedding day and you surely want your makeup to stay all day long. You always go for waterproof mascara but do you know applying waterproof foundation is also essential.


There's no such embarrassing moment when in the middle of the event you have smudged kohl dropping down your eyes or that flaws of your cheeks peeking through your foundation.


Thus, applying a waterproof foundation and other waterproof base is a must. No application of waterproof makeup may blunt everything once you start sweating or have tears as it's an emotional day too.


18) Incorrect application of Blush: - A good blush and look will surely make you blush this day. But not applying correctly may make your make-up look all messy.


Obviously, you don't want to look a clown this day with high blush on. Apply blush on the apple of your cheeks, which is the natural spot and then blend it with bronzer underneath it. Many tend to drag it to the temple which is wrong.


19) Applying Shimmer Highlighter in the wrong Place: - Applying highlighter in your make-up is one of the key parts that can make or break your entire look.


Wrong application of shimmer highlighter can destroy the whole look. A shimmer highlighter reflects light back. So, applying it wrongly will not make the light reflect accurately making your wedding pictures dull.


Apply shimmer highlighters on top of the lips or cupid bow, temple of your cheeks, underneath your eye-brows, also top of your brows on the side of your forehead. That way your face will be in perfect focus with the light.


20) Going for Loud Dramatic Eyes: - Your eyes will draw the maximum focus and it will dull the rest look. Hence, opt for soft bright eye make-up. Smoky eyes tend to create a shadowy look in photographs that makes it look as if you have dark-circles.


Highlight underneath the brows to enhance the eye makeup and avoid dark shadows.


21) Too much Lip Gloss: - Now a lot of you love glossy lips and so the obsession of putting loads of lip gloss in this wedding day as well.


But what you are overlooking is it's not the regular day, it's your wedding day and too much gloss will ultimately rub your lipstick. Go for matte lipstick finish, it will last your lipstick the whole day.


On the other hand, too much shiny lips will lose the definition of your bridal look in the wedding photographs and your lips will pop the most. Thus, to make it look even to avoid lip gloss.


22) Choosing wrong false lashes/enhancements: - A very popular beauty trend these days is false lash extensions.


It is better to go for lash enhancement two weeks before the wedding day so that you can have enough time to cure if there arise any allergic reactions.


Also, if you go for false traditional lashes then go for individual ones rather than strips. The tears make the glue/lash adhesive less sticky and thus there's a chance of tripping off the lashes. Thus, going for single ones looks more natural and prevents tears during this "emotional day".


23) Overlooking the eyebrows: - What most brides overlook is the eyebrow that's the one of the key parts of the entire face.


A good pair of brows will enhance the look in the first place automatically.


Go for eyebrow color that matches with your hair color and complements your skin tone. Too dark shade may make you look weird. 


24) Forgetting about your maids' makeup: - Remember about the members who are going to be with you all day long and will take as many photographs with you.


So, skipping and overlooking their makeup is one of the mistakes you should avoid making. You want to look well along with them. So, they need proper makeup too that you should take care of.


25) Overlooking to pack enough emergency-kit: - You may opt for the highest end perfect makeup but still you need to keep few things in backup for touch-up after few intervals.


You don't want to look oily this day so keep oil soaking tissues, soft cotton balls to erase such issues. Some other stuff such as translucent powder, lipstick, make-up spray, adhesive for false lashes if wearing them.


26) Do not use translucent powder. Many of you guys probably know and love Makeup Forever's HD Powder. I myself love it too - it gives you an airbrushed look and makes pores seemingly disappear.


But did you know that in photographs, the HD powder (or any similar powder for that matter) will give your face a white, dusty cast? Kind of like you smeared flour on it.


This is bad news bears. Even though this powder was probably undetectable in person, the high-def photography has picked up any traces of it and put it out there for the world to see.


You can expect similar results in your wedding photos if you use too much setting/translucent powder. I'd recommend using a primer beforehand instead of a powder afterward. On that note...


27)Use products that will make your makeup last all day. You may be crying, laughing, sweating, and everything in between on your wedding day, and your makeup needs to be up to the challenge.


You'll need great primers and waterproof mascaras (if you're the crying type) to make sure you don't end up looking like a shiny raccoon at the end of the night.


Make it stick and make sure it's something that will come off only when you want it to!


28)Don't go overboard on the shimmer and glitter. Glittery and shimmery makeup can be fun in real life but in wedding photography it will most likely make you look plain ol' shiny.


So stick to products that give you a glow from within and have minimal, if any shimmer. And remember, nothing will help your skin glow more than taking care of it!


29)Emphasize one feature at a time. Just because you're wearing more makeup than usual on your wedding day doesn't mean we want you to look overdone. Any good makeup artist knows that, just like in real life, you only want to play up one feature at a time.


If you're going to do bold, red lips, do a neutral eye. If you're going to do smoky eyes, go for a more natural lip.


You don't want to not look like you in your photos. Just because it's your wedding, don't think you need to pile it all on!


30)Have a makeup emergency toolkit on hand. You'll want to have oil-blotting sheets, makeup remover cloths, cotton swabs, a lipstick or lip gloss, powder (but not translucent!), and concealer.


This is a fun project for your maid of honor or bridesmaids to put together, so let them help if they want! You'll need other things too (safety pins, floss, bandages, etc.) that you can throw in.

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