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Collection Unique Wedding Colors For Big Day(Ultimate Guide)

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Sometimes wedding color ideas are hard to decide on but it's important that the colors you choose for your wedding reflect your favorite colors and the personality of both you and your groom-to-be.


Below are some wedding color ideas to help you pick the perfect colors for your special day.


Let's drive in;


1).Wedding Them



There are three types of wedding colors:

* Your dominant color is the principal color, the one most frequently used throughout your wedding theme. Think bridesmaid dresses.


* Secondary or complimentary colors are also a part of your official scheme. By matching these with your dominant color you set the tone of your wedding and reception.


* Supplementary colors, while not a part of your formal wedding scheme, add liveliness and spontaneity to the look and feel of your wedding.


These are the additional colors that will work their way into the mix in many little ways.


Together these colors make-up your wedding palette. When you select your color scheme you will want your secondary colors to compliment your dominant color. 


Likewise, you want your supplementary colors to compliment both your dominant and secondary colors.


Each time you add a color into your official scheme you limit the number of supplementary colors that will work within your palette.


Be sure to consider the different emotions or moods that colors evoke. Vibrant colors will add a sense of drama; softer colors romance:


2).Wedding Colors Meaningful



Red -- In Western cultures this means love and passion. This is normally chosen by males and outgoing people.


In Chinese culture most brides wear it because it symbolizes happiness, good fortune, and good will. Red can also represent bad temper and anger.


Since red is also the color of blood, it has a strong meaning of life and vitality.


Pink -- This is the color of universal love which makes it a popular choice for weddings. This is the favorite color for lovers of beauty.


If you choose a pink carnation as part of your bouquet or arrangement, it means "I will never forget you." It also promotes caring, love, self-worth, tenderness, and acceptance.


A darker shade of pink is believed to neutralize violence, disorder, and aggression.


Orange -- This can stir up the sense of fire thus creating a warm atmosphere. It is believed that brighter shades of orange promote anxiety and high energy, whilst faint shades of orange reduces tension and stimulate one's appetite.


Brown -- This promotes warmth and comfort, thus it is considered a popular wedding color.


Most people believe that if brown is their favorite color, they are said to be orderly and conservative.


The negative side is being lazy. Brown helps stabilizes other colors to help promote practical energy and mental focus.


Yellow -- Is cheerful since it is associated with the sun. Yellow is widely used during springtime.


In China this is considered an imperial color. Each shade of yellow has a different meaning.


If it is bright and sunny it is full of creative and intellectual energy, symbolizing joy, happiness, and wisdom.


If it is yellow-green it is said to bring deceit and creates disorientation.


Green -- This has its pros and cons. In the 15th century, people believed that green encouraged fertility since most brides chooses this for the wedding.


It is also considered to be negative and that it fosters jealousy and brings on nausea. On the positive side, green is said to attract balance, well-being, and money.


Blue -- Symbolizes infinity and serenity. Keep in mind that there are also some blue shades that create a feeling of sadness.


Blue represents inspiration, sincerity, spirituality, and is often the choice of conventional people.


Purple -- In the western culture, this is associated with Royalty since it was once hard and expensive to produce.


Purple is believed to be the color of good judgment and is profitable to people who seeks fulfillment in their spiritual being.

There are several places where you can draw inspiration when choosing your wedding colors.


A good place to start is by visiting the Pantone company. Pantone publishes free copies of their Fashion Color Reports in the Fashion + Home section of their website.


This is the best place to find out, in advance, which colors will be in style during the upcoming fashion season.


Other popular sources of inspiration include the bride's birthstone color or Swarovski crystal birth colors, the color of a favorite flower, family crest or a meaningful symbol.


3.Wedding Season



In the spring, the colors of the earth are coming back to life, and in the spring there are many beautiful flowers to compliment virtually any wedding celebration.


Summer weddings are well suited to more vibrant colors such as bold reds, yellows and blues. 


Fall weddings are especially well suited to the colors of changing leaves such as browns, reds and yellows. 


Winter weddings can evoke a cool, wintry feeling by using crisp whites and cool blues.


1)Choosing Spring Wedding Flowers Colors

When choosing the perfect spring wedding colors for your own wedding there are a number of important things to keep in mind.


One important consideration is the type of flowers you want to choose for your wedding.


The flowers are one of the most important parts of any wedding celebration, and it is important that the remainder of the decorations in the wedding be designed and chosen to compliment the spring wedding colors provided by the flowers you have chosen.


Using The Bride And Grooms Favorite Colors

Another important consideration, of course, is the favorite colors for the bride and groom.


After all, the wedding is their special day, and it is important that the wedding planner choose colors that will be pleasing to the happy couple.


Fortunately, there are spring wedding colors available to please virtually any taste, so finding the right colors should not be difficult.


There are many different colors that are perfect for the spring wedding, so chances are you will be able to please the bride and groom while still finding the perfect colors for your own wedding. 


2)5 Dazzling Summer wedding Color Combos
Now you know how to choose, but do you know which colors to choose? If you're still stuck and need some ideas consider these 5 dazzling and popular options!


Orange And Green
A fresh, natural combo that's perfect for summer! Also add some hints of white to keep it bright.


Orange flowers and bridesmaid dresses will really catch the eye.


Orange continues to be a popular color for dresses, and you could choose roses, calla lilies, and dahlias which all come in orange too.


Pink, White, And Green
This is a superb, classical look for summer weddings. Brides are able to add additional colors for extra fun, such as pink.


Most of us have seen simple green wedding bouquets by now, but you could accessorize these with a pink ribbon, or perhaps choose pink bridesmaid dresses with a green or white sash or belt.


Orange And Pink
Brides looking for a very bright, bold wedding will love this combo.


Choosing a bouquet of roses and Gerbera daisies in orange and pink will really be highlighted by the white of your wedding dress.


Bridesmaid dresses will look great in either of these colors, and the girls could hold a nosegay of the opposite color to act as a matching accent.


Purple And Blue
These elegant colors work well in the colder months too, but if you're careful they can look great at summer weddings!


Simply pay attention to the mix. If you choose a deep purple, then go with a light blue, and vice versa.


Light blue short bridesmaid dresses look so adorable, and there are a massive choice of flowers that are in blues and purples.


Pastel Blue And Yellow
There's something about this combo that just screams summer, being especially reminiscent of lazy days spent at the seaside!


For brides having a beach or rustic wedding it's a great choice, as you want to keep things fun and a little less formal on these kinds of occasion.


Go with a nosegay of yellow flowers studded with the odd blue, and that will really stand out; as will blue and yellow gingham for your table settings or bridesmaid dresses.


Finally choosing where you use your wedding colors is important. It's amazing how perfectly you can 'thread' your colors through the day with their careful placement in bridesmaid dresses, the table settings, wedding bouquets, favors, pew bows (if you're having a church service), ribbons, and so many other places that you can think of!


It's up to each couple, but the more you feature your summer wedding colors, the more enhanced and memorable your summer wedding will be!


The perfect palette for autumn/fall has to contain red and orange, but there's no reason to stop there. 'Escape' is the ideal palette for this season, orange, brick red and turquoise with neutral accents.


Like many fall themes this is ideal for the extrovert, deliciously colored dinner plate dahlias can be found in the perfect color combination, or if you plan a destination wedding, tropicals like orchids.


Exuberant parrot tulips, dark red freesias and roses would be also be an excellent choice.


4)Here are some tips on how to choose colors for your winter wedding.

• Take into consideration the place or the venue of the wedding. Most winter weddings are held indoors because of the cold weather outside.


Think of colors that will make the atmosphere warmer and will make the cold season cozy and inviting.

• The most popular color motif for winter weddings is a combination of warm colors such as red, orange, yellow, and dark purple or grey with a touch of red. This will be a sharp contrast to the colors outdoors.

• You can also use cool colors such as ice or navy blue and forest green. This will greatly complement your warm colors.


If you are planning on a winter wonderland theme, you might want to use ice blue with white and silver accents as your color motif.

• Metallic colors such as gold, silver, and bronze can be great color accents for your primary colors.


This will make the entire room and decorations glitter magically. You can pair these colors with any other basic winter wedding colors.

• Formal weddings in winter require rich winter colors such as deep red with gold while casual weddings can use lighter colors such as light blue or purple.

• You can use flowers that will complement your color scheme-poinsettia, hydrangea, white roses, lilies, red amaryllis, tulips, delphiniums, and muscari, to name a few.


These flowers reflect the colors associated with Christmas. Choose the best colors for your color motif.

• Metal colors give formality and elegance to a wedding reception.


You can use them as color accents for the flowers and the bridal bouquet and the table settings.


If you have proper lighting using electric lights or candles, the lights will reflect the metallic colors and will provide a romantic and magical glow in your wedding party.

• Do not be afraid to think outside the box. There are many color combinations that will create the perfect atmosphere for a winter wedding. The most important thing is that you and your partner like it.

• You can still use your color scheme even at the party after the wedding reception. You can light the dance floor by using your color scheme.


You can even personalize the lights by creating a stencil of you and your partner's initials.


This will surely make your wedding the wedding of the century.

It is very fun and exciting to choose the best winter wedding colors. Just think about the occasion, the season, and what you like and everything will fall into place.


5.Color Scheme



The Color Scheme Is One Of The Most Important Factors

The color scheme of the wedding is one of the most important factors of the wedding's success, and it is important to consider the nature of the wedding, as well as the tastes and preferences of the bride and groom, when determining which types of wedding colors to choose.


8 (Easy) Ways Choose Wedding Color Schemes Combinations for Big Day


There Are Plenty Of Colors To Choose From

The good news is that there are plenty of beautiful and wonderful colors to choose from, and that means that there will be a color scheme that is right for virtually every type of wedding.


Consider The Type Of Wedding You Are Planning

One of the most important things to consider when choosing the perfect fall wedding colors is the type of wedding you are planning.


A formal wedding may call for different wedding colors than a more casual celebration.


It is important to take the nature of the wedding into consideration when choosing a color scheme.


Match Them To The Favorite Colors Of The Bride And Groom

It is also important to match the colors of the fall wedding to the favorite colors of the bride and groom, and to the colors of the bridesmaid dresses and other clothing.


It is important to consider the type of colors that will be used in decorating the church and reception hall as well, and to carefully match those colors with those that best suit your needs.


Matching The Colors With The Wedding Accessories

After the perfect fall wedding colors have been chosen, it is important to carefully choose wedding decorations , tableware, and flowers other items based around that color scheme.


When shopping for all these wedding essentials it is a good idea to bring along a swatch of material or a digital photograph so that you can be sure to match the colors accurately.


And of course it is important to shop as early as possible in order to ensure the best selection for all the wedding related items you need. 

Consider all your options with your wedding color schemes: your gown, the invites, the table linens, the favors, flowers, the cake, etc.


A wide variety of color is now becoming more accessible for all of these aspects for a wedding.


Your gown: wedding gowns aren't always your standard white anymore. They can come in a variety of off-white shades, tan, champagne and even be dyed red.



Along with varieties in color, many designers offer accessories such as wedding hair combs and bridal tiara that come in a gold and silver colors.



Sweet Wedding Hair Comb Clip


Drop earrings:The best way to choose earrings is to try them with your gown. The best styled earring will depend on the neckline of your gown, the type of sterling silver necklace you are wearing, and how you will be wearing your hair.


925 Sterling Silver Charming Woman Earrings


You want your earrings to be seen but you do not want them to be overpowering.


Drop earrings or short dangle earrings work well and pearls or diamonds [real or fake] add elegance and sparkle.


If you're not wearing a necklace you may want to wear more dramatic earrings.


If your dress is beaded and sparkly then you'll want to choose a more subtle earring so as not to detract from your gown..


Necklace:One way to go is to keep it simple. As for necklaces, you might decide to skip them altogether.



925 Sterling Silver Charming Necklace


This allows you to show off your dress' stunning neckline whether it's strapless or high or in-between.


Elegant designer handbags:Evening wear and bags are a chance to shine on wedding.


Pearl Clutches For Women Evening Bag


If you are wearing that classic black number why not contrast it with a striking red, gold or copper clutch bag and wrap.


Silver evening accessories look great with mauve, pink or purple and black or white evening accessories work well with silver black or white.

The wedding invitations: graphic designers can take any swatch you give them and perfectly match the Pantone color to your wedding invitations.


Because your wedding invitations are the first taste your guests are getting of the wedding, it's important to go all out and show off everything that expresses your overall wedding theme.


Flowers: No matter what the color you are certain to find beautiful blooms that will match. The flowers, of course, may not available at that time of year or affordable.



Keep in mind many of the exotic flowers that match these bold colors will be shipped from countries in South America, Holland and even Japan.


The best advice is to talk about your wedding color scheme over with your florist, if you aren't able to pay for the expensive flowers, he/she may be able to suggest cheaper alternatives that will still match your wedding colors.


Wedding cake: the design and colors for wedding cakes are almost limitless. If you think it up, chances are some talented baker can make it for you.


Via from Pinterest


So don't be shy when it comes to adding color to your wedding cake. Even if you want to keep it traditional with a white wedding cake, you can accessorize it beautifully with colorful gum paste or fondant flowers.


Favors: Although it's more important to get favors that are meaning and useful to your guests you still want them to match your color scheme.


How to Choose Wedding Favors Color Coordinate with Accessories


So when planning for your wedding reception favors, consider the ways you can wrap your favors; with color coordinating boxes, ribbons and gift tags.



Keep in mind, if you plan to place the favors on the guest tables, you'll want them to match the table linens and floral arrangements at the wedding reception.
Color is the most important aspect. You will have a choice of maybe two or three colors, possible more. Incorporating them into your wedding favors isn't difficult:


  • Ribbons - you can use just one in a single color or tie together two or three in all your wedding colors.


  • Boxes and bags are available in a wide range of colors and can be coordinated with ribbons etc so all your wedding colors are included.


  • Embellishments - paper or silk flowers, fresh flowers, stick on  decorations, 3D stickers etc.


  • Tags, stickers and labels can all be printed in a range of colors with colored fonts, graphics, borders etc.


When considering your packaging you may find it a fruitless search for your chosen wedding colors, particularly if you have chosen a very specific shade.


Although the range of colors available is beginning to follow wedding color trends suppliers and manufacturers will not make or stock colors which will not sell well.


If your chosen colors are not available then choose white, ivory or cream as appropriate and add your wedding colors by the means of ribbons, embellishments, tags etc.


If you are making your own wedding favors rather than buying them, then it is easy to coordinate them to your wedding.


Cookies for instance are an easy favor to coordinate as you can choose the best shape to match and ice them in your wedding colors.


In this case a clear cellophane wrapper is the best choice to showcase your favors and you can add further color with some ribbon around the top.


6.Plan A Colorful Wedding On Budget



A colorful budget wedding can be based on any color that strikes your fancy, but pink works especially well as you will have a huge number of pink choices on everything from flowers to favors to sets of bridesmaid jewelry.


And remember that having a lot of options will allow you to shop around for a great price.


If you choose a signature wedding color with more limited options, you may find that certain elements cannot be found as affordably.


An example of this would be deciding that you need to have blue or green flowers.


When the only green flowers your florist can up with are hydrangeas out of season or hothouse orchids, your centerpiece cost will tend to skyrocket.


On the other hand, brides who are working with shades of pink will be find that there are always pink flowers in season, which reduces expenses.


Besides, if your entire wedding reception is a dreamy pink fantasy, substituting pink carnations for costly pink roses will not detract from the effect.


Conclusion;The proper and skillful use of color can and will convey meanings to you and your guests as none of us are immune to its power.


Color will affect the atmosphere of a room and the mood of a moment.

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