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Ultimate Guide Wedding Decorations for 2020

by Administrator


Decorations are extremely important, because they bring out the ambiance in the place. 


A wedding is nothing, if the place you are getting married at does not look good, or if the place where the reception is being held does not look utterly gorgeous and of course, romantic. 


Here Guide Wedding Decorations for Your 2020 


1).Selection and Planning


via Wedding Sparrow/Lauren Kinsey Fine Art Weddings via SMP


When considering wedding decoration you have to think about color schemes, inexpensive wedding favor ideas, bouquets, centerpieces and the list continues.


If you are working with a tight budget then you may want to find several cheap but elegant wedding decoration ideas.


You need to choose a few things for a marriage decoration and listed below are few that you need to decide upon.


1.Consider the season
One of the things to consider before you even start planning for your wedding is the season you would be getting married in. accordingly you can pick a place, a theme and decorations.


You need to consider the convenience of the guests as well since you would not want to leave with an unpleasant taste in their mouth.


Pick a suitable time and come up with the marriage decoration and theme accordingly.


2.Pick a theme
Planning a wedding involves a theme. Now this is directly dependent on the time and place you select to tie the knot.


Now, you might plan for an outdoor wedding theme which is very different from an indoor wedding and even require pleasant weather conditions.


Also, the theme wedding decorations will differ according to the theme you select.


Like if you choose a beach wedding, it will differ greatly from a royal or palace wedding.


The typical wedding themes for wedding decorations are: Winter theme, beach theme, summer theme, spring theme, fall theme, heart theme, blue theme, pink theme, Asian theme, traditional theme, and many many... many others.


Sit down and think about what color best suites you. This color may be determined by the season or simply by how often you wear this color on a regular basis.


Either way, you want the colors to match your personality. Make sure that this is one of the important decisions that you (the bride to be) make on your own.


You can involve friends and family in many of the other detailed decisions that need to be made for your wedding, but when it comes to the over-all theme, you need to make this decision yourself.


Whatever theme you choose for your wedding decorations and wedding accessories (even if you "claim" to not have a themed wedding) make it one that is unique to your tastes and gives a feeling of beauty to you and your guests.


5.Choose your decorations... wisely
Decoration is something you need to be very careful about. You do not want your wedding decorations to be tacky or gaudy ones.


You want chic and sophisticated. However, this also depends on the location and setting as well.


Like for outdoor weddings you would want suitable outdoor wedding decoration that would go along with the theme, like flower arrangements, etc.


You can choose the proper flowers either from going through the flower decoration pictures or you can share your ideas with your decorators.


6.Choose your colour
Choosing the perfect colour can be a daunting task. When thinking about the colour do consider the theme.


Like for outdoor wedding decoration, you would want to keep it breezy and chic.


So you can hang flower arrangements on columns with white dupattas or with Christmas lights.


Also, while choosing the colour of the flower arrangements you can leaf through flower decoration pictures to choose the perfect arrangement for your wedding.


2).Wedding Centerpiece Decorations


Phot from Pinterest

Wedding centerpieces can be done using flowers, candles, edibles and lovely lighting.


1. Flowers

When choosing your flowers for the centerpieces if you buy locally you will save shipping fees and support your local growers.


Seasonal flowers are less costly and if you are having a casual wedding think about growing the blooms yourself or using native wild flowers.


For containers you have choices of baskets, mason jars, a mixed assortment of vases which lend an interesting charm to each table.


Better yet use your creative ideas to come up with something that says "You."


2. Food

Some small bowls of candy and mints arranged on a reflective mirror with votive candles placed around the bowls is inexpensive, looks great and is a tasty treat for the guests.


A lovely arrangement of fruit that is non perishable and theme colored confetti sprinkled around the container make a great looking centerpiece.


Another idea is to get rich artisan breads from your local bread baker and arrange in various shapes of interesting baskets.


Make your wedding cake a decoration by having the cake table set in a prominent place.


Decorate the table attractively and have the cake there from the very beginning of the reception for all to enjoy.


A fall wedding would look fantastic with the wonderful colors of fall vegetables such as squash arranged on fall colored leaves and greenery. 


3. Balloons

When tastefully done balloons can be really nice decorations and certainly help you stay within your budget.


You can create an arch at the entrance for all to walk through


Balloon centerpieces can be elevated so that they do not disrupt table conversation by being in the way. It is a wonderful way to use your theme colors.


4. Favors

The table centerpieces may become your wedding favors at the end of the evening.


You might place a grouping of votive candles with a personal name tag on each one.


Small terra cotta pots with live herbs, baby roses or small green plants makes a lasting remembrance of their day with you as you invite each guest to take one home at the end of the day.


5. Fabrics

Use fabric is to layer colored cloths on tables or use colored table runners with contrasting cloths.


6.Miniature Pumpkins

Pick up miniature pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn and arrange them in an attractive copper or bronze bucket or in a pretty basket.



Cranberries are a bright addition arranged in a basket or clear bowl for a simply and affordable centerpiece on a dark cloth.



Buy candles in leaf shapes and float in a fish bowl placed on a mirror so it will reflect the beautiful glow of the candles.

9.Scatter fall leaves, gourds, small pumpkins, acorn and other fall foliage rather than a centerpiece in the center or down the center of table.


These are but a few of the many things you might do for your fall wedding centerpieces, so use your imagination and have fun.

10. Other Tips

Ask your venue if they have any decorations you might use as they may be part of your rental fee. If not it could be a minimal charge to use them.


Try to recycle flowers or other decorations from the ceremony to the reception venue and have them do double duty.


Let these ideas start you and your family and friends to use the creative talents you have to come up with even more great and memorable inexpensive wedding decorations just special for your wedding day.


Let me invite you to comment on any other ideas you might have that would be helpful to a couple on a budget.


 3).For the Entryway


Credit: Theme Weaver designs


The decorations your guests will see first are the entrance doors to your ceremony location.


Why not start at the entrance doors by placing dried cornstalks made into stalks on each side of the door?


Hang wreaths that match the fall flowers you are using throughout the wedding on the doors themselves.


A cream tablecloth or one in your accent color can cover your guest book and program table.


A fall designed pen and matching guest book will make an elegant statement and put the programs in a woven basket and tie with a bow or raffia to continue your fall wedding theme.


4).Inside the Church/Ceremony Location


From Pinterest


To decorate the aisle pews, follow through with mini-wreaths that match the wreaths on the doors.


You might also use a glittery maple leaf that you have centered in a tuft of fall colored organza to match your theme colors.


The altar arrangements can also feature fall foliage. Mix the colors of fall leaves with flowers, pinecones, acorns, berries and dried wheat for a stunning and unique look.


Using candelabras at the church altar will give a soft glow that complements these colors.


5).For the Reception




The wedding reception venue may help to determine how much and what kind of decorating you will need to do.


For example, a countryside wedding or a rustic barn provides its own lovely backdrop.


If you are using a ballroom in a very nice hotel then the drapes and other decor will certainly require a lot more decorating to transform it into your fall theme wedding site.


For your table linens you have choices of cream, mocha, a chocolate, or ivory as a great starting base.


To that, add a fall table runner and scatter fall colored silk flowers on the cloth.


Chairs look terrific covered by burlap sacks and tied with raffia at an informal setting. If the wedding is more formal, tie with ribbon in one of your main theme colors.
6).Bridal Decorations-Hairstyle with Hair Accessories


Wedding Hair Bands Headpieces For Prom Evening

Every girl dreams of looking her best at her wedding day. Every bride wants look the most beautiful.


If your D-day were coming up, you also would want to look your dazzling best.


If you want to break the monotony of bridal hairdos and do something new with it, these decorative bridal hair combs are the answer.


The Gold Plated Pearl Wedding Hair Combs


These bridal hair combs are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. You will have field day choosing between them! 


You can choose combs that complement your dress and the veil. You can come up with a theme of sorts for all your accessories. 


The Hot Sale Of Wedding Hair Combs


For instance, if you are going to wear diamonds, you can choose stone- studded hair combs.


These decorative combs can spruce up any hairstyle. You can place them on the top of your bun, at the side if it is a French bun, and all at the sides too. 


You can pick them in any size. Use larger combs for decorating the bun, and smaller combs for the sides. Ensure you do not overdo it. 


Keep it simple. You will love the effect that these ornate pieces add to you hairdo.

7).Bridal Grown with Decorations


From The Baroque Design Of Wedding Tiara For Bridal

The bridal gown is one of the favorite parts of the wedding for most brides. If you ask brides what they loved most about their weddings (other than the groom!), most will say their wedding dresses and their wedding jewelry


925 Sterling Silver Birthstone Necklace


Since it is such a special part of the wedding day, it can be really fun to design some wedding decorations that are inspired by the details on your bridal gown.


Such as while you wear elegant grown with designer handbags which looking more inspiration.

8).Bridal Jewelry Decorations


The Hot Sale Of Wedding Hair Combs

A bride should choose her jewelry based on the theme of the wedding. 


For example, if silver decorations are used as an accent throughout the wedding ceremony and reception, then it is more appropriate for the bride and bridesmaids to wear silver jewelry. 


There are many options to choose from in the bridal jewelry arena. Themes such as pearls, hearts, silver, and beach themes are a few, among many. 


If there is a common theme used throughout the wedding, then it should be carried out in the bridal jewelry, as well. 


925 Sterling Silver Birthstone Necklace



A bride's necklace and earrings should complement her engagement rings and attire. If the bride's engagement ring is made of white gold, then it is appropriate to select a sterling silver necklace and earrings to match.


The bridal jewelry set should complement the bride's gown as well. 


A bracelet is a fine accessory to add-on your wedding day look. A slightly thick sterling silver bracelets will give brides wearing a minimal, short-sleeved dress, a classy look.


Sterling Silver Round Bracelet Chain


Basically, with bracelets, there is one simple rule you must remember: Thickness is determined by how ornate your dress is.


This simply means that the more elaborate the dress, the thinner the bracelet should be.



No bride can go wrong with a fine pair of earrings. In the wedding world, it's all you need. Sterling silver  are a favorite amongst brides and if you want a show-stopping piece, pick sterling silver earrings.


Sterling Silver Purple Birthstone Earrings For Women


9).Wedding Decoration Budget

Purchasing decorations

You have several options for purchasing wedding decorations on a budget. . You can shop online or in a local store.


You might check prices online first so you know what you can find and the prices. It may be worth it to shop online if the prices are cheaper, but you may not have the time for shipping.


Planning ahead will help with this situation, but sometimes there just isn't the time.


You may also find great deals or clearance items at hobby stores or fabric stores. Keep an eye on the ads and check with store clerks to see about sales.


When you are ready to purchase your wedding decorations on a budget, be sure to make a list of everything you need so you don't have to go back later for more.


You will need flowers for both the church and reception, streamers for the receptions, items for the centerpieces, and table clothes, just to name a few.


By now you should be convinced that purchasing wedding decorations on a budget can be done.


Just use the tips above and you will be well on your way to having a beautifully decorated church and reception hall at a price that fits easily within you wedding decorating budget.

You will need to make tons of decisions during the wedding plan. Of all the decisions you are going to make, one of the most important will be the decorations of your reception hall.
You should start your wedding decoration based on your hobbies. The ideas generated should be applied to all the wedding items so that they will become a unity. 


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