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Top 10 Unique Wedding Favors Ideas Complete Your Big Day Memorable

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Unique wedding party favors can come in many forms. Unusually shaped placecard holders, odd shapes in bottle stoppers, and personalized items of almost any variety make excellent wedding favor ideas.

Here are the 10 types of common wedding favors:

There are so many kinds of wedding favors that are available in today. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and prices.


Aside from your budget, another thing that you have to consider when selecting your wedding favors is the style of your wedding. Of course you want them to work well with the kind of nuptial you opt to have.


There is a wide variety of wedding favor cookies to choose from. These include wedding cake cookies, seasonal cookies, unusual cookie favors, personalized photo cookies, and other accessories gift.


10.Wedding Cake Cookies
Generally, these cookies were baked in the shape of a wedding cake, or you can even have them in the same shape as your wedding cake.


These cookies are often frosted in different pastel colors, and they can be inscribed with your names or monograms and your wedding date.Tips for Cakes, Cookies, Muffins and Pies



They can be ordered online or you can check your local bakeries that specializing in wedding cakes to see whether they are offering custom services for personalized wedding cookie favors.


9.Wedding Cookie Favors in Season
These are cookie favors that are often chosen based on the season where a wedding falls in. If you want to incorporate the season to your wedding, you may consider bringing it onto your cookie favors.


For example, if you are planning a fall wedding, consider having the cookies in the shape of maple leaves, and have them frosted in fall colors.


But if your wedding falls in winter season, the cookies could be in snowflakes shapes or other holiday ornaments shapes.


You can have cookie favors in shapes of sunflowers, flip-flops, or beach balls if you are planning a summer wedding.


For a spring wedding, the cookies could be inspired by pastel tulips, crocus, or daffodils.


8.Personalized Wedding Cookies
Personalized wedding cookie favors are often designed with images of the couple on the frosting using edible ink.


Any type of frosting can be designed with images of you choice. Alternatively, you can have large brownies instead of cookies for this personalized wedding favor idea.


The finished products can be packaged in a signature box with a clear plastic cover on the top.


Additional adornments such as ribbon and bow can complete the look of these edible wedding favors.


7.Candles and soaps are favors that will never be out of season. 
They are both beautiful and practical. Beautiful in the sense they often presented beautifully, with tulle, ribbons or packaged in adorable favor boxes or bags.5 clever tips for candle lovers



And practical in the sense that they are favor ideas which are often relatively cheap.


Candle and soap favors can either be store-bought or homemade.


For crafty couples who wants to show their creative side, making homemade candles or soaps is an ideal way to let their crafty personality shine through.DIY Wedding Favor Candles


6.A jewelry box

It is something normally received from a family member but you can give jewelry boxes as favors for your wedding.


There are smaller ones available if you want to squeeze it in your budget, or you can opt for the regular ones and get discounts since you will be buying them in bulk.5 Tips for Cleaning Out Your Jewelry Box



5.Photo frames

While photo frames are already common items to be given during social occasions, porcelain photo frames are elegant and special, making it stand out from other photo frames.5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Picture Frames



4. Candy dish

An elegant, crystal made candy dish also makes for a great favor for wedding.


You can opt for the regular crystal frame or have them in crystal but colored ones.


You can get one that is the same as your color motif or one that can complement it.TIPS FOR PLANNING YOUR WEDDING CANDY BUFFET


Photo from anfitria


3.Oil bottles

They are equally elegant and are not common favors. They come in different shapes and designs and you can find them in a variety of colors too.bulk olive oil bottles wedding favors



2.Bridal jewelry

which you might want to consider include necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. One thing to keep in mind is that you want everything to match.


Therefore, if you have picked out sterling silver necklaces for your bridal jewelry, you want both the earrings and bracelets to include pearls too.



One rule of thumb is, in the instance of pearls, if the necklace has a string of pearls, you want the bracelets and earrings to just have a pearl accent, remember, less is more.


Depending on the type of wedding you are having, your bridal jewelry for the bridal party should coordinate with the theme.


For example, if you are having an outdoor wedding, you could consider shells or flower designs. Some people are even turning to less traditional bridal jewelry like handmade jewelry, gothic, or tribal jewelry for their wedding wear.


Regardless of what type of bridal jewelry you decide upon, remember, it is your wedding, personalize it in any way you would like. Furthermore, remember the bride should outshine any other member of the bridal party.


1.Clutch purse

The beauty of each vintage clutch transcends time. Even if you buy a slightly used vintage clutch, you will still be smiling at the way your entire appearance is enhanced by holding on to wedding.



There are so many colors and designs that you could choose from. You can always mix and match a certain purse to your clothes. You can find purses in blue, red, purple, yellow, pink, and many others.


There are also designer handbags that have patterns on them such as the leopard pattern. Women usually go for authentic vintage clutches.


Here are some questions to ask yourself before you buy wedding favors:

- What will this gift be used for? 


- Will my guests enjoy their gift? Such as choose elegant evening clutches for bridesmaid.


- Does this reflect us or our personalities? 


- Will my closest friends expect something like this from us?
What to Avoid With Your Own Wedding Favor Ideas

There are some things that should be avoided when considering your ideas. For one thing, it's tempting to simply get whatever you want without any thought or considering of your own budget.


It's easy to think that you can spend what you want since your wedding is going to happen only once (hopefully) in your life, but starting out your new life deeply in debt can only add tension to your relationship down the road.


Additionally, you want favors that are going to match your overall theme and feel of your wedding. Don't indulge in the ones that are fun and funky if your wedding is traditional and elegant.


You can find things that are very affordable and still look beautiful at the same time.


And lastly, make sure that your ideas are practical and can be accomplished. You may think up some extravagant gift idea that requires hours and hours of preparation and assembly,


Assume that your bridesmaids and friends will be willing to pitch in and help, but remember that they may already be somewhat stressed themselves with all the other responsibilities they have for your wedding.

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