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What Kind Of Wedding Dress Right for You In 2019(Keep Watching)

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Why wedding dress are so important?

A wedding dress is one of the most important purchases that a woman can make, and is often one of the major expenses of a wedding. Once a wedding dress has been purchased, special care must be taken to keep the dress in pristine condition.


How to choose the right color wedding dress?

Choosing a coloured wedding gown can add an extra dimension to your wedding look, and each different colour has different meanings and significances that you might want to take into account when making your decision.


Light blue is a calming and serene colour, reflecting the colour of the ocean and the sky, whereas deep and dark blues are sumptuous and give the appearance of quality and wealth. Electric and bright blues are dynamic and make a real statement, but beware of overusing blues as they can also create a cold atmosphere.Here show you 20 Dreamy Blue Wedding Dresses



Yellow brings to mind the brightness of summer, flowers and sunshine, and is uplifting and full of youthful optimism. For a more mature look, use golden yellows to create a glamorous atmosphere for your wedding. Yellow is a stimulating and creative colour and is perfect for an energetic, outdoor summer wedding. Recent wedding trends pair yellow with grey for beautiful, understated wedding gowns. How to wear a yellow wedding dress



Green is the colour of spring and new beginnings as well as the natural world and, more recently, anything themed. Great for an outdoor wedding, green is a tranquil, peaceful and refreshing tone. Green is a popular colour for bridesmaid's dresses, too.



Orange is a strong, autumnal colour, which can be bold or earthy, depending on the tone. A warming colour, orange is becoming more popular in its muted shades, for example peach or terracotta, both of which add a subtle interest to a wedding outfit. Bright oranges are fun and flamboyant and are sure to raise a smile on your wedding day! Choosing the Best Color for Your Bridesmaid Dresses



Purple has a regal history, and gives a sense of luxury and elegance to a wedding dress. Use dark shades sparingly, however, to avoid overwhelming with such a strong tone. Lighter tones of purple are uplifting, and are often chosen by creative people.



Red is traditionally the colour of love, and it is has a warming, romantic effect. The use of red for your wedding dress will make you the centre of attention, either as a block colour or used as an accent on a predominantly white dress. Dark reds are a perfect choice for an intimate winter wedding.Find more on 25 Red Wedding Dresses You’ll Absolutely Love



Browns and beiges are becoming more popular as wedding dress colours, especially when choosing a vintage wedding dress. Brown is an earthy, traditional and organic colour, giving a feeling of wholesomeness and stability. Vintage wedding gowns are often made in subtle, delicate tones of brown, beige and peach, and you can accessories wonderfully with this colour by using lace, pearls and wooden beads.



Don't be afraid of a black wedding dress! Black is a sophisticated and classic colour for a dress, especially if you are having a clean-cut, contemporary wedding, or a black tie affair. Black is a strong, authoritative colour, and of course pairs excellently with white for a twist on the traditional.

25 Beautiful Black Wedding Dresses for the Bold Bride



How to find the cheap wedding dress? Just only 3 ways


Now let's see a few stores where we can buy some lovely yet cheap wedding dresses:


Rentals - There are dresses rental stores out there that will allow you to rent these dresses for inexpensive prices. Although most of the gowns here are used wedding gowns, but that does not mean that it's below your dignity to buy and wear them. Most of the dresses here are in a perfect condition. Nonetheless, this is a cheap and right way of buying a wedding gown only if you don't wish to treasure and keep your dress forever, after your wedding.



Outlet Shops - You'll find many outlet shops selling wedding gowns and dresses from the previous year's collection that has been exhibited for selling at reduced prices. As and when the new wedding dresses arrive at a shop, the dresses which are leftover are then moved on to these outlet stores.


An outlet store is where you can fetch a wedding dress priced at as high as $1,000 for almost half the original price. Only because these dresses are from last year's fashion trend, doesn't necessarily make them less fashionable. It only means that the shop needs more room for the latest wedding dresses and so are offering affordable dresses to people.


Thrift Shops - If you don't have a deluxe budget for a grand wedding, then don't let disappointment take the toll on you, as thrift shops are excellent to buy beautiful wedding gowns. Many people in today's times don't wish to preserve their special wedding gowns for future memories so they donate these to the thrift shops for other people to buy.

Here show you wedding accessories match your wedding dress;


Choosing Lingerie to Enhance Your Bridal Gown





Your Wedding Lingerie will be dictated by the style of your wedding dress, but you still need to be comfortable - and you want to look good too!


You want your wedding day to be truly memorable. So make sure you feel like a queen from the inside out.


Don't skimp on your wedding lingerie. Choosing the right wedding lingerie is as important as the selection of your wedding dress, not only will it enhance your wedding dress it will be judged by later by the most important man in you life: your new husband.


Find the best purse match to your dress;


Vintage Handbag - There are a wide variety of classic handbags available on the market. They come in various styles and types from day purses to those that are especially designed for evening and formal occasions. They are made from classic materials and even hand crafted from genuine leather or silk to provide great deal of elegance. Some of these models are made by combining unusual materials and to provide a rich and unique look decorated by using crystal beads along with silk embroidery. With so many options you just have to decide and you'll surely get a leather handbags of your choice.




Vintage Clutch Purse - These purses have somewhat gone out of fashion but still you can find these little gems somewhere around in different forms. They are medium-to-small sized bags designed to be carried or clutched in the hand. There are lots of variants found on the market; some of them feature detachable chains as well as leather straps which allows it to be easily hanged around the shoulder.



Vintage Designer Purses - Now-a-days lots of women are vying for classic and unique purses. And to make their selection simple, there are numerous designer houses and top brands manufacturing a wide variety of handbags and purses. With a wide variety of range and styles, they are commonly being used by women of all ages. You can find a wide variety of designer purses in the market from handbags to clutches to shoulder bags to mesh bags and lots more.


Vintage Beaded Purse - This type of handbag and purse is regarded as one of the most sought after accessory that is not only adorable but also has a personality that conveys elegance and class. Whatever be the occasion be it your wedding or any special black tie event, it will definitely grab the attentions of onlookers and will even compliment with your classic evening dress.


Jewellery: At the time of purchasing jewellery, several factors will play their role such as budget and personal taste. In addition to it, do not wear jewellery such as chokers since you may have to wear the jewellery for several hours and if it keeps on poking at the neck then it will certainly not be a good feeling. In case wedding dress has a lot of embroidery and detailing then wear simple sterling silver jewellery only.



Searching For Discounted Wedding Dresses

If you are a savvy woman of today, you will understand the value of money. You would consider a variety of options to cut costs as a wedding can be quite an expensive affair and a wedding gown can cost a small fortune!



Once you make up your mind to buy a discount wedding dress, log onto to the net and select some websites that you like. Do comparison shopping on these sites to find affordable wedding dresses. Compare their styles and colors. You could even consider an Indian wedding dress or a beach gown to look different. Some of them are available at unbelievable prices.


On the net, also check out the wedding gowns of the 1940s and 1950s, they could be available at great prices. Halter necks, spaghetti straps and heart-shaped necklines are also offered as discounted dresses. You can purchase one and decorate it yourself with some delicate bead work or lace. Then your discount wedding dress will surely look like designer wear.

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