The Heart Deisgn Sterling Silver Birthstone Necklace


$48.90  $26.90-45%

Date Added: 05/23/2018 by Claudius Maximus.
Bright and purple. quite an eye catcher to look at. i would buy this again.
Date Added: 05/22/2018 by Kenny B..
Perfect gift for my wife's first mothers day. She loved it and still wears it every day.
Date Added: 05/22/2018 by jessica randolph.
Great looking necklace. A bit light weighted. Very pretty, the beautiful blue crystal in the middle is also heart shape. Nice cutting. Gifted to m sister. She likes it....
Date Added: 05/21/2018 by Cristy M..
his was a gift for my granddaughter. She loves it!
Date Added: 05/21/2018 by Sophia Herrera.
this necklace is beautiful! its even better than i expected. i was hesitant because it was so affordable ...
Date Added: 05/20/2018 by Cynthia B Melvin.
Very nice! A little heavy, but made of nice quality material. Sturdy, yet very attractive.
Date Added: 01/10/2018 by John Davison
I ordered this necklace for my mom. When I received it I was stunned by it beauty. The picture does not do beautiful piece any justice. I have since purchased two other items from the LadyColour line. I am very happy I discovered LadyColour. Their pieces are high quality and beautiful. I highly recommend!...
Date Added: 01/10/2018 by Big A
Good value for the price. Bought it for my wife and she wears it often.
Date Added: 01/10/2018 by Cyd E
Absolutely breathtaking! The chain is a perfect complement to the heart & stars. Beautiful!
Date Added: 01/10/2018 by Renee St.Germain
This is a gorgeous necklace. I bought it for a gift. When I saw how beautiful it was, I bought it for someone else. Both people where this every day and receive many compliments....