• 925 Sterling Silver Ring, Boruo Cubic Zirconia Ring

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    Product Description:


    • Material:925 sterling silver
    • DURABLE MATERAIL and GREAT QUALITY. Made in high quality titanium . Never dent.Never fade. Well polished & beautiful
    • Perfect Gift for Ladies ,Wife and Girlfriend
    • Makes a wonderful gift for Thankgiving Day,Valentine's Day,Christmas Day




    How to Care For Silver Jewelry


    Silver may be a metal that has been wont to make jewelry since past . this is often a metal that's smelted from ore. Going all the way back to the traditional Byzantine civilizations, it's one among the foremost enduring and versatile metals available.

    Over the years, silver has been wont to make utensils (think of silverware), buttons, boxes, and lots of other items. Silver trays and tea sets are treasured heirlooms through the ages.

    This metal is just too soft by itself to be used for jewelry, so it's mixed with other metals to form it durable. When mixed with an alloy, it's referred to as alloy . so as to guard consumers, the Federal Trade Commission requires that so as to be sold as sterling silver/solid silver/sterling, that a minimum of 92.5% of the merchandise must be pure silver.

    One of the favored alloys wont to balance sterling and add hardness is copper. this may tend to cause darkening, or tarnishing, or silver. due to this, there are special belongings you got to do to stay your silver looking its best.




    When storing your silver jewelry, it's best to use cloths or bags treated with a tarnish preventative. This keeps the jewellery from rubbing against other pieces, which can avoid scratching it. it's best to story your silver during a cool, dry place. it's best preserved faraway from any light - sunlight, or artificial light.

    To extend the sweetness of your silver jewelry you'll also prefer to apply a skinny coat of Egyptian lacquer to your pieces. this may help prevent your alloy from premature tarnishing. Also, don't expose your pieces to chlorinated water/bleach.

    If left within the air, the jewellery will react to the sulfide and sulfur within the air. this may cause a build up which will make the jewellery look dull. This makes the jewellery lose its natural sheen.




    Use a coffee abrasive cleaner to get rid of some light tarnish. NEVER USE BLEACH to wash JEWELRY. Some people will use toothpaste, but this is often debated since some believe it's going to be too abrasive. If you wear your jewelry continually, alloy will develop a patina. this is often a glow, combined with the darkened area. Some people prefer this look, but if you would like the shiny look simply use a silver polish.


    Another method of cleaning silver of fingerprints, and lightweight grease/dirt is to use mild soap , like Ivory, during a half cup of warm water. confirm it's completely dry when finished.


    Ultrasonic cleaners are great when cleaning certain pieces of jewellery . However, if you've got many sorts of gemstones use caution when using one among these cleaners.


    If your jewelry has gemstones, you'll got to factor this into your cleaning methods. Some gemstones are soft, and may have the polish on the stone harmed. General rules to recollect for cleaning gemstones:


    *Do not use toothpaste, especially for amber, lapis, and turquoise. The abrasive nature of toothpaste scratch the surface. While many recommend toothpaste as a cleaner, it's not recommended by professional jewelers. don't use it for soft stones in the least .


    *Opals are a really delicate stone. Avoid chemicals, and even heat. Strong sunlight also can dry opals. this may cause hazing and color change in your gemstones.


    *Pearls also are delicate. Take extra care to guard these from other gemstones which will scratch them, also as common chemicals. These will wear away the surface "nacra" which can cause color changes.


    When using an ultrasonic cleaner, you run the danger of losing stones from the high speed cleaning. confirm to use this method carefully with the right stones, and NEVER with pearls or opals.


    The most important thing to try to to together with your silver jewelry is to enjoy it. Once you've got skilled the difficulty to pick and protect these beautiful pieces, do not forget to wear it. the various choices in silver jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets make silver an ideal choice for gifts. Give one for a lover , and a few for yourself. With this excellent metal, you get beauty, affordability, and straightforward look after years of beauty. Start a set for your heirloom items to pass down with quality silver jewelry.


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    Neumann Nell.
    I buy it for my mom,this one is really beautiful for her finger
    Kenny B..
    This ring is really pretty, i send it to my monther,she like it very much.
    jessica randolph.
    I am pleased with the ring. The size was accurate. The stone looks smaller then I thought it would because the stone is deep. Delivery was fast. I think it is great value for the money. I would recommend it....
    Keith Durham.
    My mom loved it, she has several grand kids and has the option to add all birth stones of each!
    Sophia Herrera.
    Love this rings. It is a popular style right now.this will do just fine. I have purchased several rings, and love them all!!
    Katie Mullins.
    I absolutely love this ring. It is very shiny and very pretty. Does not turn your finger green does not look like a quarter machine ring it's awesome.
    This ring is perfection!! Just as advertised, looks even better when you actually see it. Shipping was fast and it arrived in great condition. The ring doesn't look fake. It can pass as an actual wedding ring. Thank you to seller....
    Its nicer than I thought it was going to be! Everything is still in place and looks beautiful! I get compliments all the time
    I received this ring a day early and it is very sparkly. I haven't worn it yet but will be sure to come back and write a review after constant wear. Looks very good on my finger as well. I have problems with stones falling out as I type A LOT. But I hope this doesn't happen with this ring....
    Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 reviews)
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