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How To Planning Budget Wedding Accessories For Your Big Day(Save Much)


What to think about planning budget wedding accessories for your big day.


Listed below are some issues couples to think about when they are choosing accessories for their wedding.


- The first consideration should be pricing. Couples will find that it is easy to spend more than they expected on accessories. Those who are not careful could blow their budget on expensive items.


- The ideal wedding accessories and table settings will fit with the theme and color scheme of the wedding. Brides need to ensure that all the accessories they choose to complement one another. If this is done correctly, the accessories will not clash with other decor items.


Let’s drive in one by one now;

Choosing the Right Dress and cheap wedding dress on budget;
Budget on purse: 
Budget wedding jewelry;
Budget wedding hair accessories;
Venue Accessories:
Cutlery Accessories:  
Cheap Other Wedding Accessories That Can Enhance Your Wedding...


Choosing the Right Dress and cheap wedding dress;
There are several cheap wedding dresses on the market that are just as beautiful as the more expensive dresses. 


Knowing where to look and how to find that perfect dress can help save a decent amount of money for brides on a budget. Consider the following tips:

1. List your budget on paper. Having a budget list ensures that a bride will stick with her budget. Write down a budget for the entire wedding rather than just the dress. Remember to leave room in the budget for any alterations the dress may need.


2. Borrowing is always an option. Many women find it classic and memorable to wear a dress that once belonged to their mother or even their grandmother.


This can certainly cut out a lot of expense. Of course, the dress may be outdated, but it is simple enough to update any old-fashioned dress to a more modern, sleek style using simple alterations.


3. Turn to bid sites for used dresses. The internet provides several websites where women can sell their wedding gowns. This allows a bride-to-be to find a beautiful dress at an affordable price. Women can save hundreds of dollars on a gown simply by purchasing a used dress.


Budget on purse: Everyone knows designer purses do not come cheap. So, before buying one, you need to consider your budget. There's a large variety of exclusive and trendy clutch purses out there that have pretty hefty price tags, but if you saved up well you can usually pick up something good anyway.


Do some window-shopping, and check out all the other sizes and designs. This will help you to choose the right one that complements your look, without straining your budget.



While many ladies spend a good deal of time perfecting the fine art of bargain shopping and sniffing out local sales, others take a slightly different approach.


These ladies have discovered the somewhat hidden market of the gently used clutch bag which are available both online and locally if you know where to look.


Budget wedding jewelry;
These brides spend enormous amounts of their wedding budget on sterling silver bracelets, earrings, and necklaces just to top off their wedding day look.


So, what's a bride to do when her whole wedding budget is less than the cost of a diamond bracelet? She should keep it Inexpensively Fabulous!



Here I'll give you a few ways to have the fabulous look without the large price.

Borrow or rent. Unknown to many brides on a budget, there are many jewelry stores that will let you rent their jewelry. Do a quick search for "renting wedding jewelry" and find the best vendor to fit your budgetary situation.


Many celebrities do this in order to look as if they have these priceless jewels, so you'll be in good company! Besides, no one has to know that you are returning the jewels. All they have to know is that you look fabulous on your big day.

Get the next best thing. If you aren't able to rent the jewels that you want, try the next best thing. Many jewelers specialize in making fabulous cubic zirconia jewelry that looks just like the real thing. Again, guests will never be the wiser unless Uncle William is a jewelry expert.

Go to the teen's jewelry store. These stores are hidden treasures. Although most of the jewelry is for young, teenage girls, they also have a section for prom or formal events.


Here you can find beautiful tiaras and jewelry that can complement your gown. These are beautiful, inexpensive alternatives to pricey jewelry options.


It is no less your wedding day just because the "bling" is not genuine.


Budget wedding hair accessories;
The vast range of well-known designers, jewelers products that are readily available online, or at bridal shops. You can get a range of handmade headpieces/tiaras, wedding jewelry, some original unique pieces.



The Crystal wedding tiaras, bridal headpieces made with Swarovski crystals, diamonds, gemstones, rhinestones and cubic zircons are used for weddings.
Venue Accessories: The wedding invitation cards, aisle runners, favors, drapes, the hangings on the outer walls of the marquee, the flowers and flower baskets, the lightings, the table cloths, the cake toppers, candle holders, gift packages for the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, the ring bearer pillow, and probably so much more- all of them go into planning the perfect wedding venue.


If you are on a budget, it is best not to experiment and go with the usual packages that have perfectly coordinated wedding decorations. If you are planning yourself, then it will be easiest to stick to one main motif and choose the accessories around it.


Cutlery Accessories: Toasting flutes, Cake Servers and Napkins are the most that come into focus on the table.


A good caterer will take care of the other essentials like the dishes and fork, but still, make sure that they have a small connection to the wedding theme in general.

Cheap Other Wedding Accessories That Can Enhance Your Wedding...

Ribbons: You can easily get boxes and boxes of ribbons for your wedding at a really low cost. Ribbons can be tied to everything and anything at the ceremony as well as the reception. Chairs, tables, lighting fixtures, balloons, silverware, you name it.



Balloons: Placing groups of 2-3 balloons strategically throughout the reception hall is a great way to heighten that "festive" feeling of your guests. Aside from that, balloon colors matching your wedding theme can be quite nice to look at too.



Candles: This is another one of those cheap wedding accessories that can really lighten the mood and bring a touch of elegance to the place. Simple, theme colored candles are cheap and they can go a long way toward improving the look & feel of the wedding.




Photos: Pictures of the bride and groom together is another inexpensive way to further enhance the reception and the ceremony. Tasteful, yet inexpensive, pictures frames holding the photos can be easily spread throughout the area. Not only will this help add a bit of "oomph" to the decorations of the wedding, but these photos will show your guests how perfect a match the two of you are.


These are merely four of the different types of cheap wedding accessories you can use to improve the style & feel of your wedding. If these cheap accessories don't "float your boat", then perhaps the others will.


There are countless stories that sell these items. However, brides will be better off shopping online. Online stores have a larger variety of products selling at cheaper rates than offline stores. That being said, if a bride has left her shopping too late, she may have no alternative but to shop at an offline store. Online wedding stores often take two weeks to a month to deliver goods to their customers.

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