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8 (Easy) Ways Choose Wedding Color Schemes Combinations for Big Day

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The key to creating a really great color scheme for your wedding is to choose an interesting pairing of colors.


The right colors, when used in combination, can really make everything pop. Instead of traditional gold, white, or silver, think about using bright colors in fresh new ways.


Hints of lime or chartreuse green are one of the top color trends for weddings. Pair the bright green with another strong color, such as aqua blue or a bold red. It may sound a bit garish at first, but when done well, the end result will be very stylish and unique.


Another big trend in wedding colors right now is shades of brown used in combination. If brown sounds a bit drab and unfestive to you, picture rich mocha used with dark espresso, and soft cream. It sounds delicious, doesn't it? And it can look just as tasty, especially for an autumn or evening affair.


If something on the brighter side is more your style, then consider the color combination of pink and red. This is another one that might make you pause at first - weren't we always told that pink and red should never go together? That old rule is out the window, as brides are discovering how great those two tones can look together.


Once you have decided on a color palette for your wedding, the next step is to figure out how to put it all together. If you are working with one of these strong new color combinations, don't be shy. The overall effect will be best if you really go for it.


In other words, if you have chosen pink and red for your colors, don't do a pink centerpiece on half of the tables and a red one on the other half. The idea is to layer the colors right on top of each other, so mix pink and red flowers within the same display.


There are so many creative places to employ your color scheme.


To really make it work, you will want to carry it throughout the wedding in large doses. This will give your décor a unified look, and really make the bold colors pop.


8.Centerpiece color: Definitely plan on using your chosen colors in the centerpieces. That is one of the easiest places to make an immediate impact.


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You can use flowers in both colors in your arrangements, or you could choose to pick flowers primarily in one of the colors with a vase or vessel in the other color.


When using such strong colors, keep the lines of the vases clean and simple.


7.The bridesmaid dress: You should definitely plan on using your chosen colors in the bridesmaid dresses. For instance, you could do an aqua organza dress with a clutch purse for a fresh summer wedding look. Mixing shades of brown would be rich and elegant for an evening wedding at any time of the year.


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To keep the theme going, give your attendants bridesmaid gifts in your wedding colors. There are lots of ways to do this. You could give them tote bags in lime with a red monogram. Or order custom wedding jewelry as their gifts; combine red and pink Swarovksi crystals for a fabulous effect.


Whichever color you choose, be sure to own it. Using one of these hot new color pairings will give your wedding a fresh and hip style. Expressive use of color is a wonderful way to make your wedding unforgettable.


6.Your gown: wedding gowns aren't always your standard white anymore. They can come in a variety of off-white shades, tan, champagne and even be dyed red.



Along with varieties in color, many designers offer accessories such as belts and sashes that come in a wide range of colors.


5.The Bridal Accessories. Along with the perfect white dress, accents on the bride's hair, face and body would be great especially in portraits.



Elegant wedding tiaras with red crystals or stylish sterling silver earrings with soft pink jewels are small but graceful touches of colors. Do some research on what shades of jewelry may be available and also accessorize appropriately according to the gown and the hairstyle.


4.The wedding invitations: graphic designers can take any swatch you give them and perfectly match the Pantone color to your wedding invitations.



Because your wedding invitations are the first taste your guests are getting off the wedding, it's important to go all out and show off everything that expresses your overall wedding theme.


3.Flowers: No matter what the color you are certain to find beautiful blooms that will match. The flowers, of course, may not available at that time of year or affordable.


Keep in mind many of the exotic flowers that match these bold colors will be shipped from countries in South America, Holland and even Japan.


The best advice is to talk about your wedding color scheme over with your florist, if you aren't able to pay for the expensive flowers, he/she may be able to suggest cheaper alternatives that will still match your wedding colors.


2.Wedding cake: the design and colors for wedding cakes are almost limitless. If you think it up, chances are some talented baker can make it for you. So don't be shy when it comes to adding color to your wedding cake.



Even if you want to keep it traditional with a white wedding cake, you can accessorize it beautifully with colorful gum paste or fondant flowers.


1.Favors: Although it's more important to get wedding favors that are meaning and useful to your guests you still want them to match your color scheme.



So when planning for your wedding reception favors, consider the ways you can wrap your favors; with color coordinating boxes, ribbons and gift tags.


Keep in mind, if you plan to place the favors on the guest tables, you'll want them to match the table linens and floral arrangements at the wedding reception.

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