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Top 10 Unique Bridal Shower Gifts Will Make Your Wedding More Memorable



Every bride looks forward to that day when all her girls converge to shower her with all sorts of gifts, as she gets ready to move to the next level.


Bridal shower gift baskets are supposed to be thoughtful and practical and one does not need to research them thoroughly, as in them they will get the most meaningful gifts.


So let’s see the following bridal shower planning infographic;



Bridal shower favors come in a wide variety to choose from, and the best way to give out memorable favors is to select those that fit to the theme of the shower.


Many people opt for personalized party favors today, because they are not inexpensive but they are more special and memorable than those fancy decorative ones that can easily be purchased anywhere.


Here show you the list of bridal shower gift;


The shower bridal gift basket
The bridal shower gift basket could also have something like a bottle of wine or champagne with two wine glasses; or aroma candles and incense so they could use to set their first night together romantically.


Or perhaps, you can be naughtier by adding the shower bridal gift basket with some adult stuff you can buy in adult specialty shops. Shower Themed DIY Wedding Gift Basket Idea



The Underwear and lingerie
In addition, you can go for the conventional bridal shower gifts that include underwear and lingerie.


Since the green movement has become a worldwide phenomenon, manufacturers are also taking up the challenge to produce items that conform to this move and still maintain the stylish standards, as is the case with other materials. 8 Creative Lingerie Bridal Shower Ideas



Therefore, you will not spend a lot of time finding underwear that comes in natural fibers.


In essence, these fibers are also preferred because they do not cause the allergic reactions common with the synthetic fibers.


This is because the farmers do not use pesticides and other chemicals when farming the natural fibers, and this result in yarns that are free of chemicals or irritants.


Fashion wedding clutch purse
You can also opt for the small purses that use natural fibers or recycled materials. For instance, the Reveal Hipster Satchel is made from hemp, vegan leather and reprocessed polyester.



It works with any woman's wardrobe and it is a great accessory for Saturday afternoon parties or events.


There are also shoes made from canvas and other materials that save the environment from degradation due to chemicals caught up in the soil.


Another worthy gift is a bathrobe. You can find out the colors she loves and gets her an attractive bathrobe made of 100% natural cotton. Some of the favorite colors for women are pink and white and you can get these in any size.


Monograms are another great way to personalize a bridal shower gift. When I was getting married, we were planning a beach honeymoon. Bridal Shower Monogram Decor



At my shower, my future mother-in-law presented me with a tote bag to take on the honeymoon that was decorated with new monogram. The bag was filled with essentials for a beach getaway, such as sunscreen, a great hat, and an underwater camera.


Of course, you will want to find out if the bride plans to take her husband's name before having anything monogrammed!


Cupcakes or Bars
Baked goodies will always be a welcome gift. Decorated cupcakes will surely put a smile on anyone's face especially a harried bride to be.


You can personalize the cupcakes with the use of colored icing and then top it with a bridal figure. Oatmeal bars will also be a welcome treat for the bride to be.10 Dessert Table Ideas to Make Your Wedding Reception Unforgettable


CD music collection
You can record a collection of love songs and then personalize this by printing a photo of the bride and using it on the CD cover.


You can also print the occasion, name of the recipient and the date of the bridal shower. You can even add more value to your gift by printing the lyrics of the songs so your friend can sing along when she listens to her favorite tracks.Wedding CD Labels & Custom Wedding DVD Labels


If you do not know how to bake but you would like to give something edible then this is heaven-sent. You could buy blocks of chocolate, melt them in a double boiler and pour them into a mold.DIY chocolate candy melts bridal wedding shower party favor gifts




You can personalize your mold design to suit the occasion. Why not also put them in a special box, tie it with a ribbon and put some special text to make it all the more unique.

Is the future bride a good cook? Whatever your answer is, a cookbook will always be an ideal gift for her. Unless of course, she has vowed never to even glance at the kitchen once married.


But you never know; the cookbook may come in handy when she has a change of heart. The bride to be can always count on her friends to make her bridal shower special and memorable.How to Make Your Own Cookbook 



Give her presents that she will cherish and which will remind her of you and your friendship.

Tea Favors gift
Tea favors are a great symbol of relaxation and taking a break from the hecticness of every day .7 Wonderful Wedding Favour ideas



They also have a ladylike appeal goes well with the traditions of a wedding. Some fun gifts featuring tea are mini tea sets, mini teacup tea light holder, personalized iced tea infusers, gourmet tea tins, whole leaf tea sachet favors, and personalized tea bag.


Bride Themed Gifts
There are some excellent bridal-themed gifts that are classics at bridal showers. The "Bridal Survival Guide" book and bride essentials survival packs are always appreciated. They have everything the bride needs on her big day. Another option, if someone is already getting this as a gift, are jewelry sets. wedding hair pieces, necklaces, earrings and more are excellent bridal shower gifts. Not just for the wedding, but for the honeymoon and every day after.




Such as there are even floral wedding hair pins that feature diminutive paper or silk flowers. Although hairpins are generally used to secure up-dos, many girls scatter them strategically through their hair in a purely decorative look. Elaborately finished hair pins may utilize organza or silk ribbon. 



The design of wedding hair combs hasn't changed in thousands of years, although the type of embellishment has. There's no prettier gift for a girl than a comb encrusted with crystals and freshwater pearls.



The most common type of comb in the modern era is made from plastic, although wood, metal and shell are also popular. As a teenager's gift, a beautiful set of combs is sure to be treasured for years to come.


Personalized favors 
Personalized favors create a keepsake for the event. Items that will last beyond a bite or two and can be personalized with the bride's name and the date include candles, bath salts, travel size lotions, paper hand fans, and love note notepads.


Don't wait till the last minute to purchase a bridal shower gift as you might end up getting wedding gifts which are unsuitable for the bride-to-be, or end up paying a lot more. Search around for a wonderful gift which is useful and special for the lovely bride-to-be.

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