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Top 10 Wedding Colors Accessories for Your Big Day More Memorable

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To keep your wedding up-to-date you may want to re-evaluate your plan and take a look at some of this year's hottest trends.


Not only are they gorgeous and are selected by top designers and color trend experts like Pantone, but it makes it easier to find bridesmaids' dresses and accessories in your colors when you choose something that's already popular.


Picking your wedding colors may sound like a simple enough task. But, for many brides, it is one of the toughest decisions since there are so many choices and options to customize.


Narrowing down the field can be a truly daunting task especially if you also want a fusion of several different colors or palettes.


Many brides initially pick their favorite color and think they have it wrapped up. But then, as they leaf through all the bridal magazines and online catalogs dreaming of their perfect day.


Another color palette catches their eye and then they're back to square one.


Here are some tips to help you more easily decide on which colors to pick for your wedding:


1. Figure out what type of statement you want to make. Are you a trendsetter or a traditionalist? What type of wedding ceremony and reception are you having? Is it casual or formal?


The colors you select should complement your personal style and should be in line with the type of affair that you're throwing.


For example, if you're traditional and will have a conservative ceremony and reception, you may not want to choose hot pink and orange as your color palette since it will not be in sync with the motif of your wedding.How To Decoration And Budget Wedding Ceremony(Ultimate Guide)


2. Don't be afraid to break out of the mold and dare to be different. Although many traditions from the past are still incorporated into the modern wedding.


There are so many choices now and so many ways for you to break out and make a bold statement. Don't be afraid to team up colors that you love that are bold and sassy or, alternatively, refined and unusual in combination with each other.


Your wedding day is your day to shine. Don't be afraid to pick colors that will make you feel great.


3.Wedding decoration color. Don't get married to a color idea before figuring out whether you'll actually be able to find and purchase items that will fit your color palette. The Wedding Colors of the Year



You may love the combination of eggplant purple and chartreuse green but you may not be able to readily find wedding decorations and accessories that match or, if you do, the cost of acquiring those items may be significantly higher than what you can reasonably afford.


Do your research first to get a general idea of what's readily available on the market to avoid major frustration in scouring the planet to find chartreuse accented ring pillow and guest book.


4. Centerpieces color.

If you're going to have floral centerpieces and other floral accents, be sure to pick colors that a florist will be able to work with and will be generally within your budget. 


Photography Lauren Fair


Like the example above, most flowers don't naturally come in shades of eggplant purple or chartreuse and while many flowers can be dyed to match a palette, there's often a significant price tag associated with that.

5. Remember the photos!

How many brides from the 70s do you think to regret their choice of powder blue or coral pink every time they look at their wedding album?


One of the risks of going with all trendy colors or combinations instead of sticking with a more classically conservative look and feel is that you may regret it down the road.


Your photos will be the lasting memories for your wedding and the colors that you love now or the hot colors in the magazines may not be the colors that you'll remember fondly 20 years from now.

6. There are several ways to use your color palette for your bridesmaids.


Their dresses can definitely use your chosen hues in combination. If you can find an attractive print that has your featured colors, great; if not, it is certainly easy enough to select a solid color dress in charcoal and accent it with a sash in kiwi or raspberry.8 Trending Spring Color Palette for Your Bridesmaid Dresses


Trending Spring Color Palette for Your Bridesmaid Dresses


For a lighter more summery look, choose bridesmaid dresses in kiwi or raspberry, and have it trimmed with subtle charcoal piping along the neckline.


The final accent is bridesmaid jewelry. Grey freshwater pearl necklaces and earring would make perfect bridesmaid jewelry gifts to tie in with your color scheme.


Grey pearls are a sought-after accessory that your bridesmaids will be delighted to receive.


7. The table linens and flowers are other great places to use your wedding colors. Especially when brightened up with centerpieces in shades of raspberry, hot pink, and burgundy.


A wonderful flower choice would be orchids, some of which are available in a deep pink and green combination.How to Decorate Your Wedding Tables



They would work well with the wedding color palette while adding that extra touch of sophisticated elegance for which orchids are known.


8.Wedding hair accessories This is another component color of your wedding. You will need something to put in your hair. Or, you can opt for nothing. It really depends on what look you are going for. Some women buy a wedding tiara so they can look like a princess.



The Crystal Handmade Bridal Wedding Hair Headband Set


Some go for wedding headbands so it is not too flashy. Others will buy clips and combs or put flowers in their hair. Whatever you choose, make sure you try it on with your hairstylist before the big day.


9.Colorful purse
It can be really challenging to pick the right color for a women's clutch purse. Some ladies know exactly what color they have in mind but many of them just enter the boutique and hope that something is going to catch their attention.



Handmade Flower Design Evening Purse


There are so many different color variations and combinations on the market that can make our decisions quite hard. There are certain rules to follow when choosing the right color for women's evening clutches.


10.wedding jewelry
When you begin shopping for your wedding jewelry, the choices can be overwhelming. Not only are there numerous options, but you want your engagement ring, wedding band, and bridal jewelry sets to have a cohesive style.



The Eagle Design Of Sterling Silver Necklace


To get you started, take a look at this guide which explains the differences between all the different types of wedding jewelry metals, including gold, platinum, and silver.

Conclusion; The colors you chose may depend on the season and wedding theme as well.


So make sure that enough research is done to confirm that you will be able to get all accessories, flowers and other decoration material of the same color before you finalize the color.


You do not want to be scrambling at the last minute just because you are not able to match flowers or table cloths with your wedding colors.


Believe me; you will have enough other issues to take care at that time. You would not want to compound that.

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