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12 Amazing Bridal Shower Favors Will Inspiration on Your Wedding Day

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There are also unique one-of-a-kind items that can't be found anywhere else. Those are always a big hit!


Whatever you end up doing, make sure you have elegant and unique party favors that everyone will love!


Picking the right theme will offer more choice of wedding shower favors. There are more ideas for a stock the pantry theme compared to a month of the year theme.


What I mean is that it is easier to get foodstuffs to stock a pantry compared to things that represent a certain month.


Let the guests at your bridal shower know how important they are to you by offering wedding shower favors also known as bridal shower favors.


12.Lingerie Favors
Lingerie is one of the most popular themes for bridal showers. It is the kind that makes bridal showers a bit naughty, silly and sometimes outrageous.


Guests will most likely bring various lingerie for the bride as gifts, and because of that, it is a good gesture to thank them by giving out small gifts that would be more fun if related to the theme of the event.


Some unique favor ideas for a lingerie themed shower may include drawer sachets or liners in lavender or rose water, or lingerie wrapped nicely in small gift boxes.


11.Spa Favors
Spa themes are becoming very popular these days. A spa themed shower can either be held at a nice spa or at home.


The perfect way to end up this event is giving out favors that feature a spa theme.


The choices may include engraved compact mirrors, embroidered hand towels, personalized soaps, personalized slippers and etc. Gift certificates for a manicure and pedicure can also be given as unique favors of a spa-themed gathering.


10.Wine or Tea Favors
Aside from popular chocolates, candies, and cookies, another delightful idea is to offer unique edible favors that come in wine or tea. Wine or tea themes can make unique shower themes and often are using favors that reflect such ideas.


For a wine-themed shower, favors could be the same wine that will be offered on the actual wedding day, but the only difference is they will arrive in mini wine bottles.


This idea is not only unique but also fun that each guest will surely get interested and excited about bringing one to their home. On the other hand, personalized tea packets and small tea accessories can be given in a tea-themed shower.


There's a lot of tea packet favor ideas to choose from and can be personalized with the name of the bride-to-be, shower date, and a short line of message or poem.


9.Purse favor
There is plenty of clutch purses around, but for my money, I'd prefer to purchase something that is classic looking and not made of plastic. 


When looking for an elegant evening purse place card holder I would advise against anything made from plastic and instead look for those made from pewter or porcelain. 


8.Popular Wedding and Bridal Shower Favors
There are many popular favors available.


One that is currently very hot is plantable daisy seed pods. This is a gift that continues to grow with the passage of time.


Several other plantable favors are among the most unique party favors you will find. Looking for something a little more traditional for your reception or bridal shower?


Ornaments are a wonderful favor that can be a lasting reminder of your event.


7.Diamonds Rings
Diamond Rings are the gift of a lifetime for someone you love. Rings with a gem of more than 10k are usually worn on a fore-finger. 


6.Necklaces and pendants
As far as sterling silver necklaces and pendants are concerned, it depends on the type of dress you are wearing.


The right to decide as per your taste is in your hands.  


5.Crystal Three Row Bracelet:
This bracelet is the epitome of elegance because the crystal is really delicate and fragile and yet it radiates. 


such a strong and intense beauty that shines so brightly you will seem to light the entire room with it.


Anything that anyone else wears cannot ever compare to this piece of jewelry that will adorn your dainty wrist.

This is a really elegant teardrop wedding tiara because its shape represents some of the mixed emotions on this day.


Everyone may be crying either form the beauty and joy or from the sadness of a child growing up, but either way, you will show everyone that you understand these intense emotions and the way that they can be truly beautiful.


3.Chocolate Cups Bridal Shower Favors
 Help your bridesmaids cozy up fireside with a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Perfect for a winter fairy tale wedding these adorable mugs are a delightful bridesmaids gift that your friends will love.


2.Candle Favors
Candle favors are one of the most popular party souvenirs for bridal showers. You can find a wide selection of beautiful candles that can make perfect memorabilia of your shower.


Candle favors come in different styles, designs, colors and themes. If you are planning for beach themed bridal shower, beach-themed candles make a perfect thank you gift for each guest.


Most of the candle favors are votive gels, and usually decorated with beautiful ribbons and thoughtful tags. Above all, candle favors aren't only a delightful option, but also a practical suggestion if you have a tight.


1.Place Card Holders
Looking for something that features a dual function? Place card holders are the answer.


Practically speaking, if you are on a tight budget, what better way to cut down expenses is to look for an item that can serve multi-purposes.


Instead of purchasing a real favor that will only serve as a party souvenir, why not consider place card holders that can double as your party souvenirs.


They serve as cardholders at first and party giveaways at the end of the day. You can find different place card holders with different designs and styles. Just make sure to choose holders that fit the theme of your bridal shower.

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