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All About Plan Your Wedding Day and Reception Timeline

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Planning without a budget may leave you without enough money for flowers or music a week before the ceremony.


And overspending may result in unpaid wedding bills as you're starting your life together.


Following are some wedding planning tips to help you plan your wedding on a budget:


Establish a budget. Determine which aspects of your wedding are most important, and scale back on items that are not a priority.


In a recent survey conducted. Almost two-thirds of the survey respondents said that the wedding dresses they found were too expensive.


Keep your finances in check without sacrificing quality or style by shopping at a store that offers a wide selection of designer looks that matches your budget.


Use the Internet. Most wedding products can be found online, such as bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, invitations, wedding favors, bridal accessories and jewelry.


Seek expert advice. Consultants can provide great insight into the gowns' quality, fit and construction. Also, consider bringing along a trusted friend or family member to provide honest feedback.


Map out a timeline. Over 60 percent of engaged women give themselves less than six months before their wedding to purchase their wedding gown.


Find wedding planning checklists. Following a timeline will eliminate impulse shopping as a last-ditch effort to finalize your wedding plans.


Select a national retailer. Bridesmaid dress coordination remains in vogue, with almost 75 percent of engaged women wanting their bridal party to wear the same color or color scheme.


Select a national retailer that carries a large assortment of bridesmaid styles, in a wide range of sizes and colors, for ease of shopping and to ensure everyone looks and feels their best.


Personalize your wedding gown. Look for cost-efficient solutions for personalizing your wedding gown, like adding facultative sleeves, a colorful sash that matches your wedding combination, or a sparkling brooch.


Ask your wedding consultant about coordinating accessories, such as bridal tiaras, veils, leather handbags, shoes and jewelry.


Select pieces that complement your wedding dress and personal style.
Create a seamless look. Visit a one-stop-shop and choose a personalized color scheme that makes it easy to coordinate every aspect of your wedding day,


Such as save-the-date cards and invitations to ceremony and reception items. Shop online or in-store to create a perfectly coordinated event.

Be sure to give it to people who may help you with the details. Here's a guide to creating your timeline.


Make Your Game Plan  Determine what needs to be done before the wedding. Brainstorm everything that needs to happen before the ceremony related to your attire, your rings, the decorations, getting people where they need to be, the photographer, etc. Write down all these details.


Next, determine what needs to happen after the ceremony. Will you take photos after the ceremony? Will you have to travel to the reception location? Give all these details some thought and write them down.


Decide what needs to be done for the reception. Are there any details that need to be tended to before the reception? Who is going to take care of paying the caterer and other hired help? Who will be master of ceremonies in the case you are still taking photos? Who will check on the details such as the cake, the guest book, favors, etc?


Determine who will do what. Recruit some help.


Here's a suggested list of people you will need to tend to details on your wedding day:


Someone to gather personal belongings after the ceremony.

Someone to move the flowers and gifts to the reception.

Someone to place the place cards and hold the master seating chart at the reception.

Someone to serve as master of ceremonies.

Someone to help the photographer be sure all candid photos are taken.

Someone to cut the cake.

Someone to have guests sign the guest book.

Someone to do handouts: programs, directions, wedding favors.

A coordinator to send the attendants down the aisle.

Someone to take the top tier off the wedding cake.

Someone to gather any rental items, the bride's dress, clutches,your bouquet, wedding hairpiece, your guest book, and gifts.

A few people to gather disposable cameras, extra favors, programs, etc.

Someone to pay the caterer, photographer, deejay, etc.

Someone to return any rental items such as tuxedos, rented equipment, etc.

Someone to take your dress for preservation.


Here are some tips for making things easier on your wedding day:


· Get up early and EAT breakfast. You'll need the energy.


· Go to your hair and makeup appointment. Be sure to wear a button-down shirt or a tank top so you don't mess up your hair and makeup when you get dressed.


· Gather your bridal party at the wedding location to dress about two hours before the ceremony.


· Have the florist have bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres waiting at the ceremony location.


· Take any photos before the wedding that you can to save time. Take all the groomsmen and bridesmaid photos, the family photos, and the separate bride and groom photos before the ceremony.


If there's going to be a long wait between arriving at the venue and dinner, then some nibbles will help guest's hunger and also their tipsiness. Some canapés will be welcomed while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive.

My wedding reception timeline

2.30pm - Ceremony at the church.

3.15pm - Ceremony ends, photos at the church.

3.45pm - Ushers guide guests to the house for the reception. Bride and Groom go for photos alone (close to the church).

4.00pm - Guests arrive at the house and are served champagne or soft drinks.

4.15pm - Bride and Groom arrive at house for photos with family and guests.

4.45pm - Bride and Groom mill around with guests (rather than a formal receiving line).

5.45pm - Sit down for dinner. Once everyone is seated, Father of the Bride welcomes everyone.

6.00pm - Dinner is served. The wedding table serve themselves, followed by the rest of the tables.

6.45pm - Main course dishes are cleared away. The dessert and cheese board are laid out. Wedding table serves themselves. The rest of the tables follow.

7.15pm - All unwanted dishes and cutlery are cleared away.

7.30pm - All glasses are filled for the toast.

7.45pm - The wedding speeches start. Father of the Bride starts, then the Groom to thank everyone, then the Best Man.

8.30pm - Cutting of the cake. The bottom layer served as nibbles throughout the night.

9.00pm - First dance

9.15pm - Party begins

You can also choose to serve more food later in the evening, a cheese board, cold buffet, burgers or kebabs (you name it)!

One thing for the bride to do is to throw her bouquet. Usually done before the couple heads off, but this can be done anytime after the wedding ceremony.

We stayed until the end of our party, but some couples choose to head off into the moonlight earlier, usually to catch their honeymoon fights!

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