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10 Unique Wedding Gifts for Parents


Parents easily feels comfortable with the new family if you get them what makes them feel emotional.


You make wedding gift  a birthstone jewelry or fashion clutch purse with all the members of the family including them. The jewelry can be engraved.



1.Photo albums are sure tear jerkers for parents. You may go to the mall or local stores to look for gifts to give them on your wedding.


All you need is your own printer and you can just print multiple copies of your most favorite pictures where the parents are included. You may give this on your wedding day itself so they can keep them as long as they can.


2.Another way to express your gratitude to your parents is by giving them jewelries. This is better given before the wedding so they can wear it on the big day. You can get a locket made of gold and insert some pictures of you together inside.


3.Useful Wedding Gifts for Parents
Your parents' hobbies determine the kind of gadget or equipment they would love to use. They will definitely enjoy a gift they can use all the time. Useful items include duffle bags, robes, towels, and toiletry kits.


4.Personalized Gifts
One idea is to produce a personalized wedding gifts for parents. Personalized items provide a special memento of love and family history. Engraved frames with a heartfelt message and memorable photo will be cherished for years to come. 

Personal birthstone jewelry items such as a locket or cufflinks with the wedding date engraved are another option.

Plaques with a special poem can be displayed with pride as a reminder of the merging of two families. Holiday ornaments may be engraved with couple's names.


A framed representation of the family tree (with the new son/daughter included) is another option.

6.Classic Gifts
Another idea is to give a classic item made from precious materials. The bride and groom may wish to give the timeless gift of crystal, in the form of a clock or vase. Diamond clutch bag,Silver candlestick holders or a serving piece provide another option.

7.Creative Gifts
Couples may wish to exercise their special talents by creating their own unique wedding gift for their parents. A handcrafted scrapbook chronicling the journey from childhood to marriage will bring tears to a parent's eyes. A handmade quilt would become an instant family heirloom. Pottery, lovingly created or painted, will hold a place of honor on the mantel of the family home.

8.Gift Certificates
Yet another option is to give the gift of relaxation. After months of stressful (and expensive) wedding planning, most parents of the bride and groom would appreciate a gift certificate for a relaxing spa treatment or weekend getaway.


Couples can get creative and research local recreational activities, bed and breakfasts and formal dining options.

9.Wedding Mementos
Once married, the bride and groom can provide parents with a special photo album with candid shots of the wedding preparations, ceremony and honeymoon.

10.Sterling silver jewelry
You can also give jewelries as gifts for your parents. If you want you can purchase jewelry that your parents can use at your wedding. You can be creative in giving jewelry as gifts by having it engraved or personalized.



In addition, it is really wise to give gifts that can be very useful for your parents. If the gift is useful, then your parents will definitely enjoy and treasure the gift.


Here are some of the choices which will be fully appreciated by your father and mother, a tea set, a bathrobe, a lighter, a flask, a shaver, and other similar items.


You can actually see some of the best ideas for gift on the wedding day itself. The gifts may be cheap. One of which is to buy exquisite flowers and have it arranged then offer it to your parents.


Or if you want to have a unique way of giving the surprise then choose the perfect time like when your parents start walking down the aisle.

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