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8 Minuters Ultimate Guide Tell Sterling Silver Jewelry,Care and Wear Tips

sterling silver jewelry


No matter whether we have sterling silver jewelry on hand or want to have it, knowing this information is important for us.


It's a combination of several different knowledge skills; you need to master how to tell whether silver jewelry is authentic or not, care for a new one, and clean it more well-looking.


sterling silver jewelry tips

In this ultimate guide, I will show you everything you need to know silver jewelry tips.


Let's stetson;


#1 Take These 6 Tips Tell Silver Jewelry Metal at Home (Easy)

Silver jewelry has become more popular us; it makes everyone look fashionable,


The question is;


How can we tell if it is real or not?


Read this section to find out.


1. Look at the color: Real sterling silver looks silverier and whiter. Otherwise, it seems black and yellow; if the piece is plated with other metal, the color also looks different from the real silver.


2. Listen to the sound: The authentic silver sound is clear and melodious, singing by a knock.


3. Make a weight test: Sterling silver is denser than other metal materials and should feel heavy. If the piece feels lightweight, it may not be real sterling silver.


4. Make a chemical test: Use this simple chemical method test: take the actual piece and soak it in vinegar. It will not change; conduct a magnet test: Sterling silver is not magnetic, so if you hold a magnet up to the piece and it sticks, it is not genuine sterling silver.


6. Look for imperfections: Real sterling silver may have slight imperfections or irregularities, such as tiny bubbles or discolorations. It may not be accurate if the piece looks too perfect or shiny.


#2 Silver Jewelry Size Chart

Many people always encounter problems choosing the best jewelry for themselves; this will show how to measure the correct size in more detail.

Let's go now.


First, the ring size is measure as follows;

Measuring your finger in 1 minute


1. Wrap flexible measuring tape around your finger.

ring size measure

Wrap the tape close to the knuckle. This is the thickest part of your finger, and your ring must slide over it comfortably. After all, taking your ring on and off shouldn't be plastic measuring tape for a more accurate measurement. You can try a metal measuring tape, but it'll be much harder to wrap around your finger and could cause injury.


For an even easier measurement, check out different jewelry sizes. You can use these like a tape measure; only the ring sizes are visible on the ruler, so you don't have to convert the measurements.


Don't wrap the paper too tightly. Aim for a snug but comfortable fit.


Here's a fun fact: Even the same fingers on different hands are different sizes. Make sure to use the exact finger that will wear the ring. It would be best if you were sizing your left ring finger, not your right, for an engagement ring.


The size of your fingers tends to change throughout the day. Weird, right? For best results, measure at the end of the day.


2. Record the measurement where the tape overlaps.

Do this on a separate piece of paper with a pen or pencil. You can record the measurement in inches or millimeters, depending on the retailer. Many will have both measurements available, but a European retailer might only have measurements in millimeters.


If you're using a printed ring sizer, mark the point where it overlaps directly on the ruler.


3. Compare the measurement to a sizing chart.


silver ring size chart

Now that you've got the numbers, it's time to find your size. You can find these charts at many online jewelry retailers. If you want, you can print the chart for easy reference, but it isn't necessary. These charts convert measurements into ring sizes; for instance, 2.34" (59.5mm) would be a size 9.


If "our measurement falls between two sizes, go for the largest size.


If you're using a printed ring sizer, check where you marked the overlap to determine your size.


Now take the next one, the necklace size;


necklace size for women


While wearing a silver necklace for the outfit, which length should I choose for, here I would like to share 



This length is close to the neck,  and its face shape is tender and fuller, suitable for people with long necks.



Women favor this choker silver chain necklace length; the length hangs down just below the collarbone, and wearing a circular arc will make women appear more delicate and elegant.


The Princess chain is located below the clavicle and the chest; it's very It'sle and can Achieve It'sleent effects when paired with other clothing, which has a pronounced impact on elongating the neckline and can immediately modify the small V-face.



The length of hanging above the chest is very suitable for girls with shorter necks, which can have a stretching effect visually. Modifying one's figure can also enhance one's aura and increase affinity.



Opera-style silver cross necklaces are generally more suitable for relatively formal occasions. The length of the necklace can reach below the chest, which can be worn alone or stacked with necklaces of different sizes. It can be paired with a sweater to let it hang naturally on the chest; nowadays, this somewhat retro element is becoming a fashion trend.



The knotted rope initial necklace silver is the longest of all necklaces and can extend to the navel. This elegant and sexy long necklace is suitable for outings.

Formal occasions such as dinner parties. Some fashionable women choose exaggerated lengths to highlight their individuality.


The Third, What Size of Bracelet Do I Wear?

How many inches should my silver bracelet for women be? So, choosing the best size silver bracelet is very important, but how can this size look better? Here, I would like to share some tips;


To determine your silver bracelet for women's size online, follow these steps:


sterling silver bracelet size


sterling silver bracelet size


Wrap the wide strip of paper around the finger wearing the ring.


sterling silver bracelet size

Use a pen to mark the intersection where the strips of paper wrap.


sterling silver bracelet size


sterling silver bracelet size chart

Lay the paper strips flat and measure with a ruler. The obtained data is the circumference of the sterling silver ring you want to buy.



#3 Here Also Someone Want To Know a Girl's Size Without Asking


Some boys always want to be a surprise for love but don't know what size to give. Now, here are six ideas as follows

1. Phone a friend - Ask her friends and family.

2. Borrow a ring - Borrow one of her silver rings to get her size.

3. When the silver rings for women can't leave, they can make an impression of her ring in a bar of soap or clay and take it in for measurement.

4. Sleeping Beauty - Find her ring size when sleeping by tying a string around her finger.

5. When in doubt: Size up! - Make sure to get a larger size than a smaller size.

6. Tell her it's for someone's favorite track!



#4 The Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewelry

Wearing silver jewelry can offer several benefits:

Sterilize, reduce inflammation, and prevent infection.


Silver jewelry has a perfect antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, and it can promote wound head.


1. Detox

If your physical condition is not very good, you can wear some silver jewelry appropriately. We all know this is silver, which can absorb toxins in the human body. It can effectively promote the body's detoxification and some metabolic waste if worn correctly.

2. Purify water quality, prevent corrosion, and preserve freshness

You must know that silver also has the property of purifying water quality. Many swimming pools and some drinking water use silver to purify water sources. It can achieve purifying water quality, anti-corrosion, and preservation.


3. Beautiful and elegant, affordable price

If you compare it with other precious metals, it can be said that the price of silver jewelry is relatively low, and there are more benefits to wearing it.


Can I Wear Silver Jewelry If I Have a Gold Engagement Ring

It doesn't matter. Mix metals all the time. For my wedding, my engagement and wedding rings are platinum; I have a hand chain given to me on our first anniversary that is gold, gold earrings, and a gold hair chain.


#5.How To Care Sterling Silver Jewelry as New One


Why Does Silver Jewelry Turn Black? How can I keep my silver from turning black? How to Clean Silver Jewelry and What's the Best Silver Cleaner.


Clean once a month: Silver jewelry with inlay should be worn frequently and checked monthly to see any signs of loose inlay.


Silver jewelry products are easily oxidized and lose their luster when the human body secretes sweat, so wearing silver jewelry during heavy exercise is not recommended.


Remember to keep it sealed when not wearing it, and do not leave it in a random place, as this can quickly turn tarnish and restore shine to your jewelry.


Avoid contact with sulfur soaps, shower gels, and cosmetics. Sulfur and silver will react chemically, and specific shower gels and cosmetics ingredients can corrode silver. Also, don't wear silver jewelry when soaking in hot springs; avoid contacting seawater. These will cause damage to silver jewelry.



#6 How To Clean Sterling Silver as New One


Why Does Silver Jewelry Turn Black? How can I keep my silver from turning black? How do you clean silver jewelry, and what's the best silver cleaner?

1. Bathe your jewelry in warm water with soap or jewelry cleaner as instructed.

2. Avoid jewelry cleaning solutions if your sterling silver jewelry includes gemstones.

3. Use a soft-bristled brush to clean your jewelry gently, then wash in warm water.

3. Dry your silver jewelry with a soft, dry cloth. 

4. Use a polishing or microfiber cloth to wipe sterling silver to restore shine.

Conclusion: This is all I want to say: Use these methods in your life; it will be easy for anyone to care for or clean silver jewelry. I hope it's helpful and good value from my post. I'd appreciate your share.

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