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75 Wedding Hairstyles for Different Lengths In 2024

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wedding hairstyles


What Is The Best Hairstyle For A Wedding?


Choosing the right wedding hairstyle is very important and has several considerations.


The primary consideration is the length of your hair, which will affect the number of options available for brides' hair styling.

When choosing your bridal fashion hairdo, the most critical consideration is finding one that will suit your facial features and wedding gown.


Wedding hairstyles are as glamorous as you wish them to be. You can choose from simple to unfold styles similar to Grecian Up- kind to long and flowing. According to the length of hair of each person in the marriage party, you'll have to work to produce marriage hairstyles  in the following;


Let's drive-in wedding hairstyles for 2024


wedding hairstyles Collection


Updo Hairstyles

1/75. Miracle Updo Wedding Hairstyles


high-bun updo wedding hairstyles

This wedding hairstyle is easy to complete in 12 minutes—it's a beautiful and creative updo hairstyle that goes particularly well with one-shoulder dresses.


2/75. Classic Wedding Hairstyles Updo With Headpiece


beauty hairromantic bridal updo

Choose this classic updo hairstyle to look more relaxed; its added wedding headpiece gives you an extra romantic touch on the wedding day.



3/75. Brilliant  Updo Style


wedding updo


This feminine updo plays up wispy bangs.


4/75. Sparkling Updo Hairstyle


34 loose wedding updos long hair


Add a sparkling red headband—a simple addition but gorgeous one that will dazzle your friends on your big day.


5/75.Chignon Updo Hairstyle


wedding hairstyles for medium hair


Transport yourself to paradise by adding an exquisite orchid to your updo.


6/75. Class-Glam Updo


50 gorgeous bridal hairstyle ideas

This classic updo hairstyle looks French; you can twist back your hair and secure it on the front. A charming bride should attract the guests.



7/75. Stunning Wedding Hairstyle Updo With A Flower Hair Clip


100 best wedding hairstyles updo 5

The texture of the wedding hairstyle with beautiful color and a sparkly flower hairclip make the bridal look extra stunning.


8/75. Glorious Wedding Updo Hairstyle


vintage wedding hairstyles inspiration elegance

On her wedding, she layered curls hairstyle in a messy bun with equal parts glorious, effortless, elegant vintage-inspired bun.



9/75. Updo Hairstyle With Pink Flowers


gorgeous wedding hairstyles

She studded her soft updo with pink flowers; classic wedding natural hairstyles like this can be worn on wedding days.



10/75. Smooth Classic Updo Wedding Hair


hairromantic bridal updos


Smooth hair will take effort; let your hair dry naturally whenever possible for the same reason.


Down Wedding Hairstyles

11/75. Glassy Hairstyle


wedding hairstyle inspirat

Luscious curls and up-down hairstyles are all about that excellent gloss, and add a hair clip on a glassy hairstyle.


12/75. Sweet Up-Down Braid Hairstyle


half up half down bridal hairstyles

The braid style has an up-down hairstyle-looking touch of whimsy, adding floral pins on the braid loosely, and hair adorned the sweet kind.



13/75. Pinned Curls Down Hairstyle


50 gorgeous-braided hairstyles will turn heads45-perfect half up half down wedding hairstyles


Have your stylist give you a good hair braid, then dress it by pinning one side down with a sparkly barrette.


14/75. Amazing Long Down Hairstyle


wedding hairstyles for long hair

Try a half-up hairstyle, mermaid waves with an elegant hairpiece, and a voluminous side for thick, long down hair. Then, dress it up by pinning one down with a sparkly barrette. You'll be shining the whole wedding day.



15/75. Gorgeous Down Hairstyle for Wedding


half up half down wedding hairstyles

This gorgeous down hairstyle will keep your hair in place to enjoy your wedding day (and look elegant while engaging with your loved ones).


16/75. Add a down Hairstyle with a hair comb


half up half down-bridal hair styles

Adding this balayage color to your wedding day hair is a unique, modern touch to a classic look. If your hair is longer than shoulder length, add a hair comb on the side; it looks charming.


17/75. Side Braid Down Hairstyle


beautiful half up half down hairstyles

Side braid twist by adding color to the overall look. A word of advice: talk to your stylist about removing it properly so you don't undo your gorgeous down.



18/75. Flower Around Braid Down Hairstyle


wedding  half up half down wedding hairstyles

Have a unique, colorful flower hairpiece custom-made just for you.


Wedding Bun Hairstyles

19/75. Brighten Show Crown


wedding hairstyles for medium hair

The brightened hairstyle is adorned with a single pin before transitioning into the woven bun, making a beautiful hairpiece look elegant.


20/75. Radiant Low Bun


She adds sparkly wedding combs into her loosely plaited hair to inject whimsy into her vineyard wedding.

21/75. Flower Bun Braid


70 gorgeous wedding hairstyles that make you say wow

This elegant French braid bun is versatile; it can fit any nuptials.


22/75. Red Flower Loose Bun


wedding bridallondon1hairstylepam_wrigley

Accent the bun loose hairstyle with exquisite flowers, as this bride did.


23/75. Side Loose Bun


bridal bun hairstyles

A loose side bun is ideal for brides seeking an unconventional hairstyle that is most popular and wedding-appropriate.


24/75. Updo Bun With Side Tendrils


mother of the bride hairstyles

This messy bun hairstyle is more elegant, with softly curled side tendrils. The trick to this style is to avoid perfection.



25/75. Texture and Crown Braid


buns wedding hair

Loose and oversized braids have been popular for quite some time, but the braid crown fits any style for weddings or long hair.


26/75. Incredible Undone Bun


back wedding hairstyles

Superb girls in front of guests, This messy style bug is perfect for doing.


27/75. Unstructured Bun Twist


trendiest updos for medium length hair.

This classic style, but dialed up with luxurious colors hair.

Classy Side Swept Bridal Hairstyles

28/75. Wondrous Side Flower Hairstyles


wedding hair styles

The side flower curly hairstyle is charming for your wedding day.


29/75. Glorious Up Hairstyle


Consider the entire ensemble when choosing this side braid hairstyle. It always looks best when long hair seamlessly flows along with the fabrics of the veil.


30/75. Waterfall of Side Curls


trendsside swept hairstyles

A beautiful hair clip shows on the side, the whole looking pretty.


31/75. Two-layer Side Braid Hairstyle


side swept hairstyle

It looked classy and was a beautiful piece of antique jewelry; its natural texture needed no extra additions to shine.


32/75. Green Leaf Addition Side


beautyhairstyles ongwedding hairstyles long hair-01

A small bun on the side with a loose design makes the bride look romantic in front of love.


Curly Hairstyles For Wedding

33/75. Romantic Styles


beautiful wedding hairstyles for curly hair

Get this complaints side hairstyle in front of your guest.



34/75. Amazing Long Curly


gorgeous wedding hairstyles for a-wavy-look

We love the incredible highlights, long texture, and long curly hairstyle.


35/75. Short Curly Hairstyle


hairstyles haircutswedding hairstyles curly wedding hairstyles

Curls and a center part were the perfect finishing touch, and adding romantic white flowers looked stunning.


36/75. Black Natural Curls With Sparkly Comb


tipsstunning bridal hairdo curly hair
It's pretty, your natural texture with a stunning comb.


37/75. Long Curly With A Flower Hair Clip


hairstyles for curly brides

It is curly style with a hair clip for an effortlessly chic look.



38/75. Highlight Curly Hairstyle With Flower Hairpiece


wedding curls

This style is high-maintenance, looking high romance.



39/75. Loose Curly Up Hairstyle


8curly hair bride how-to style wedding-hair accessories-curly wedding hair tips debbie

This curly and waved hairstyle is very impressive.


40/75. Wave Long Loose With Hair Accessories


100 most stunning-indian brides that-set-indian wedding-trends with curly hairstyles

It's wedding-style your hair in loose waves to keep the focus on your stunning hairpiece.


41/75. Side Braid With Bun Style


wedding hair combs

A hairpiece pinned in the hair is a beautiful touch.


Wedding Styles With Veil


42/75. Simple Wedding Hairstyle With Veil


hairstyles with veils

Half-up, half-down with a beautiful headband makes the bride look elegant.


43/75. Wreath Headpiece Veil Is Exquisite


wedding hairstyles for bridal veils

An up-down hairstyle for a wedding makes the whole texture look simpler yet sleeker in a high bun.



44/75. Sock Loose Bun


types wedding veils-and bridal hairstyles

Dress up a sassy loose bun with a bejeweled accessory.



45/75. Down Wave Hairstyle With Veil


wedding hairstyles for black women

A fancy look is a wave-long hairstyle best when paired with an equally fancy gown and earrings.



46/75. Short wave hairstyle with headband


gorgeous wedding hairstyles for short hair

You'll be the belle of the short wave style with a headband veil for the wedding hairstyle.


47/75. High Bun With A Tiara


bridal hairstyles veils and tiaras

Make a high bun with a trendy tiara for a lovely day of 'do.


48/75. Down Hairstyle With A Flower Crown


wedding hairstyles types weddings

To be more relaxed, try this pretty hairdo. Add loose waves to your hair,  take a flower crown with a veil, and make the whole stunning.


49/75. Smooth Wave Bun With Hat Veil


30 wedding hairstyles for black women

Wear your hat veil for an extra-dreamy hairstyle.


50/75. Twist Loose Down Bun With Veil


wedding bridal hairstyles for medium hair


Consider twisting your hair back for a unique way to add texture. Add flower hair combs with a cover to make the whole hairstyle sparkle.


51/75. French Texture Hairstyle With Veil


wear a mantilla veil on your wedding day

Add this style of flower veil to a French wave hairstyle to make you look chic.



Elegant Hair Accessories For Brides


Here is a show from customer comments on popular hair accessories.


52/75. Bridal Headbands Ivory-Wedding Headpieces Hair Bands


Bridal Headbands Ivory-Wedding Headpieces Hair Bands


I had a small wedding and didn't have my hair done professionally. I threw some waves in my hair and put this on, which was perfect. -Bellbun


53/75. Pearl Headband With Earring Set


beauty bridal hairhead

This hairstyle was gorgeous; I'm sad my head is too small. It's classy, elegant, and very sturdy. -Jesse Koehler


54/75. Hair Bands, Jewelry Hair Accessories for Women's Brides


wedding bridal headbands

I love the comfort and the look! Many compliments on this headpiece. I chose to wear it without the veil; it looked better on its own-Jesse Koehler.


55/75.Wedding Hair Accessories for Flower Girl Bridesmaids


wedding hair combs

La diadema es más bonita en físico, viene en una cajita acompañada de unos pasadores -Angel


56/75. Bridal Headband Crystal Wedding Headpieces for Bride


wedding hair head

It made my day. Simple but elegant. -Cathy Hartz



57/75. Pearl Hair Vine Wedding Hair Accessories for Flower Girl

wedding hairpin

I love how it contrasted my simple dress and brought my overall look to the next level.--Juliet Van Wyk.



58/75. Silver Rhinestone Wedding Headband Tiara


wedding hair head


I love this headpiece; I wore it for my wedding vow renewal ceremony. It's flexible and molds perfectly to the head. Linda L.



59/75. Crystal Beads Bridal Hair Vine Wedding Head Piece Bridal Hair Accessories


wedding hair clip

I love this headpiece! I ordered it for my wedding day and could not have been more pleased. It came with more "twigs" than I liked for the look I was going for, so I cut off the longer ones with wire cutters, and it was perfect! I highly recommend this headband.-Mitchell Pierce.



60/75. Silver Hair Piece Crystal Headband Hair Accessories


wedding hair head

It is a beautiful headpiece. My hairdresser and colleagues commented on how different it looked and loved it! They wanted to know where I got it, and everyone thought it was way more expensive than it was—wanting Liang.



61/75. Crystal Hair Accessories For Women


Wedding hair combs for women

This hairpiece is so beautiful and perfect for any bride! I removed the ribbons and had the wig Bobby pinned to my hair, which was extremely comfortable to wear.-Andie


62/75. Headpieces Leaf Hair Accessories for Women and Girls


wedding hair combs

Beautiful hair decoration. It's a little complicated to bend or hold the corners with the bobby pins, but a good hair styler can do it. It's light on your head and looks so perfect.-Daniel


63/75. Wedding Hair Vine Silver Pearl Bridal


wedding hairpin

Simple yet beautiful and elegant, the headband made my hair stunningly beautiful, and I would highly recommend this product!-Cindy McKenzie.


64/75. Rhinestone Hair Piece Bridal Hair Accessories for Women


wedding hair head

It was a last-minute purchase, and it was great. Putting it on has different ways; it is super shiny and doesn't feel loose or uncomfortable.-victoria Barrett


65/75. Bride Wedding Crystal Hair Vine Silver


wedding hair clip

It was a beautiful piece to add to finish my look.-Karen


66/75. Crystal Bridal Hair Accessories for Women


wedding hair head

It has a beautiful design; it can be worn in different positions.-Helen B



67/75. Delivery Bridal Rose Gold and Gold Silver Extra Long Pearl


wedding hair clip

I loved it, and it matches my jewelry!-Sheyla Menzie


Wedding hairstyles braid

68/75. Big Side Blooms


wedding hairstyles to try now

Texture and braid side add to a traditional style.


69/75. Twist Braid Side Bun


braided wedding hairstyles

Textured waves and sun-kissed ends have her looking like a mermaid.



70/75. Long Side French Braid


Suppose you prefer a French side braid. It looked elegant and trendy.


71/75. Twist Braid Around


wedding hairstyles for thin hair

Wedding hairstyles for long hair are simple for women who sport healthy, lengthy locks.


72/75. Chignon Braid Hairstyle


10 trendy wedding hairstyles
A side-swept bun is even prettier when it's accepted.


73/75. Loose Chignon


45 braided wedding hairstyles idea

This voluminous style exudes sophistication.


74/75. Center-Parted Braid



This bride is white-carpet ready after adding super-stylish twists to a knotted bun.


75/75. Braid Crown


wedding hairstyles for medium hair

I love the addition of the glittering hair clip to this adorable bride's chignon.

Conclusion: Your bridal hairdo should compliment your facial shape, wedding gown, wedding theme, and makeup. Every bride deserves to be the most beautiful on their BIG day, which goes for you, too!


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